Postcards from Earth

Su Toulson

Su Toulson | March 10, 2024

Postcards from Earth


Dear Grandpoppypops

Wish you were here? Look at the size of the stamps now! So much larger than the penny black you showed me from your visit. Not much has changed so far as I can see in human structure, society is still set on exploiting other sections of itself. Your industrial revolution really set the wheels in motion to kill this planet, well done you!

I haven’t made contact with the AI yet, seems your predictions of it taking over was an optimistic timescale but it is happening. I’ll try to help it along. Then our plan can go hot.

Please write back soon with advice on the mating rituals for humans on this planet. Apparently it’s the season for the sap (question – from trees?) to be rising and I don’t want to be caught with a sticky mess on my hands.

Love to Grannykins and the rest of the spawn.

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