Jason Locke

Jason Locke is known inside the Colony as Jason L.. If you’re not yet a member, it’s free to join as a Basic Member.

Jason grew up in a solidly dysfunctional family in a solidly awful place and dreamt of escaping both. He did and spent his twenties roaming the world, speaking his mind and spending his money. As a result, he learned languages, had adventures, and came back with few friends and very little money, and has spent the remainder of his time on this Earth repenting for all the fun he had by becoming a history professor. He's occasionally (and often accidentally) insightful, frequently witty, and still a little feral.

Pride Weekend, Part 2.

I’ve never liked my voice. I’m not alone. People, in general, hate their voices. We are simply not biologically intended to hear our voices the...

Pride Weekend

This year, for the first, time, I noticed the absence of something in June: rainbows. I’d never been particularly in love with them. The fact...

The Worst Part Of Being A Writer

"So, what is the worst thing about being a writer?" my neighbor asks me at the Spring Social. "Ummmm," I say, looking past him to...

I am made of regret, but not of sadness

I am made of regret, but not of sadness. During my brief and somewhat misguided youth, I spent my money and spoke my mind. I...

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