Tracey Montague

Tracey Montague is known inside the Colony as Trey. If you’re not yet a member, it’s free to join as a Basic Member.

Trey has a background in English lit, philosophy, drumming, martial arts and midwifery. She has three degrees and a PhD in dog walking.

Her works-in-progress are a coming-of-age adult novel and its psychological thriller prequel.

Keeping up to speed with the craft and business of writing, she's a member of writers' groups: Litopia, Jericho Writers and the BXP.

TJ squirrels away at her words beside the seaside, then sea swims and kayaks for fun.

Shortlisted for the Aesthetica short fiction prize, 2024.
Winner of Curtis Brown Creative's New Beginnings Poetry Prize, 2022.

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Your own private sweatshop.

Over achievers

Over achievers rarely herald from untroubled upbringings. Being born to a mother with low confidence in her own abilities wouldn’t have been so bad, had...

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