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In some ways, there’s never been a better time to be a writer. In other ways, it’s never been more confusing.

We can help give you a clear understanding of your own, personal route to publishing success… Whether it’s by taking the traditional publishing path, or by helping you to evaluate some of the newer options now available.

Developing your own, personal writing voice and style is perhaps one of the most satisfying – yet challenging – achievements you will ever attempt.  We hear you.

And we’re here for you. With the best seminars in the business. And, of course, our weekly 2-hour Writers’ Huddle. Plus the Writing Lab, our monthly Craft Chat, and so much more.

Litopia has pioneered author-to-publisher contact. We don’t do this by charging by the hour (or minute, in some cases!).

Instead, we’ve got one of the most experienced literary agents in the business right here, always available. And every Sunday, Full Members can join the live chat with publishers and established authors on Pop-Up Submissions, the YouTube show that’s now in its third successful year.

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Seminars Included

All Litopia’s writing seminars are included in your Full Membership. How To Write Killer Blurbs, How To Write A Synopsis, How To Create Amazing Titles… essential seminars available instantly

By far the oldest community for writers on the 'net.

The Power of Community

Your personal writer’s journey is unique to you. But that doesn’t mean others can’t help you along the way: that’s how writing skills have traditionally been passed from one author to another


Save your money. It shouldn’t cost a fortune to hone your writing skills.

Unbeatable Value

Our yearly subscription is unbeatable value. It includes all seminars, live Writers' Huddles & unlimited critiques. You really don’t need to pay more

You're part of the POP-UP SUBMISSIONS Genius Room

Suddenly, You’re An Influencer

All members are part of the POP-UP SUBMISSIONS live team. Your opinion – and your vote – count. You'll see the publishing business - and your own writing - with fresh eyes, we promise

Literary agent Peter Cox. Partially tame.

Agent Inside

With several national No.1  bestsellers, literary agent Peter Cox knows the business as few others do. Peter leads our weekly Writers' Huddles

need writers

Writers Need Writers

Writers flourish in the company of other writers. That's how the craft of writing has traditionally been transmitted. As part of an organic community, you'll work hard here, but play hard, too

Your own private sweatshop.

Desktop Workshop

Workshop your writing without limits in  Litopia's Writing Laboratory.  You choose who sees it and who critiques it.  You delete it when it's done... the way it should be

Litopia Writers' Huddle. Virtually unbeatable.

Writers’ Huddles

Litopia’s Writers’ Huddles are unique: not one-off isolated events, but every Saturday. Bring your questions, your first chapters-in-progress… or just bring yourself and a glass of wine


Future Proof

The publishing industry has changed more in the past five years than many believed possible. Where is it headed, and where are the opportunities? Our members will be the first to know

Litopia Is The Home Of
pop-up submissions

Pop-Up Submissions lets you be a fly on the wall while literary agent Peter Cox and his guests from the publishing business react to your writing.

Every week we look at four submissions, giving real-time sentiment analysis and honest but supportive feedback on title, blurb, writing craft and commercial potential.

Never before has the manuscript submission process been so totally transparent!