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Litopia's honest criticism and generous feedback helped me take the final step to representation by a top literary agent.
Litopia’s the place to be for all budding writers, who want to truly bloom and thrive. It’s fun, full-on and friendly.
adult-beard-boy-220453 RN
I firmly believe I wouldn't be published at all if not for Litopia.
Ravenna Tate
Litopia is my favourite online writing hangout. In fact, nowadays, my only online writing hangout.
Litopia is the most supportive and welcoming writers' group I've found online. Working alone in my office, Litopia is my break room where I can go to have a coffee, hang out with colleagues, and talk shop.
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Pop-Up Submissions

Be A Fly On The Wall As Your Submission Is Reviewed!

Every Sunday literary agent Peter Cox and his invited guests review the weeks’ manuscript submissions – live & on-air.  For the first time ever, writers can watch as their submissions are evaluated.

Pop-Up Submissions® demystifies the manuscript submission process. Join us to watch – or make – a submission!

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Submissions Surgery

Weaponize Your Book Proposal

An advanced one-on-one session with leading agent Peter Cox to get your book proposal bang on track.

You would pay $$$$ for this sort of opportunity elsewhere.  For Litopians, it’s free for members of Patron level or greater.

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Flash Club

Lose Your Inhibition... Find Your Voice!

Every month, a new micro-writing challenge designed to get your writing juices really flowing.

It’s quick, there’s no risk, and it’s addictively exciting! Experiment while you hone your skills! Just for Litopians.

Legends of Litopia

“Litopia is definitely the most supportive writing forum around, and the Flash Club each month where we post micro-fictions has been a great stimulus to creative writing for many of us. What is unique about the Litopia Colony, though, has to be the well-attended live Pop-Up Submissions where AgentPete shares his initial responses to submitted extracts from works in progress. It is a participatory and immensely insightful experience.”

Happy Litopian Mary A

“The strength of the Litopia is the people. I’m grateful that I have got to know a wide range of talented writers – in the company of these friendly, helpful and inspiring people, one’s own standard of writing can only be raised. So what are you waiting for? Join in and I’ll see you in the Flash Club!”

Happy Litopian Anne C

“Litopia’s the place to be for all budding writers, who want to truly bloom and thrive. It’s fun, full-on and friendly.”

Happy Litopian R N

“Thank you, Litopia! You have inspired me when the muse didn’t flow and I was ready to pull my hair out. You didn’t judge me when my writing was utter dribble, but instead you supported me with your brilliant feedback and advice. But above all, I have learnt so much from you all. Litopia is by far the best writer’s forum around.”

Happy Litopian Barbara

“I firmly believe I wouldn’t be published at all if not for Litopia. The feedback available and the sense of community were invaluable to me when I was testing the waters, learning about the industry, and honing my skills as a writer. They still are invaluable to me because no one in this business can go it alone. Litopia is a safe haven where I can help others, learn from them in turn, and hang out online with my awesome writing friends.”

Happy Litopian Ravenna Tate

“Litopia is my favourite online writing hangout. In fact, nowadays, my only online writing hangout. It may call itself a Colony, but it’s more like a constellation. Everyone’s doing their own thing, but it’s also a community, a forge, a watering hole, occasionally melancholic (well, writers, you know) but often funny, plenty of food for thought and unfailingly friendly.”

Happy Litopian Katie-Ellen