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Abdel Bari Atwan
Enough With The Bombing. Let’s Talk About Peace In The Middle East
Bruised, Defiant – Just Don’t Try Rescuing Her
Susan Greenfield - Baroness of the Brain
Love Her or Loathe Her, Just Don’t Ignore What This Top Scientist Is Saying About Your Brain
The World's Whole Sap Is Sunk
‘Inhale, Exhale’ – Cypress Hill

Burning Books

Burning Books

Talking Great, Good, Bad and Very Bad Books

From the latest débuts to classic literature, Burning Books separates the smoking from the singeworthy.  Hosted by Eric Beck Rubin.

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My Brilliant Friend – Elena Ferrante

Rivalry, Precocity, Misery

River of Smoke – Amitav Ghosh

‘Inhale, Exhale’ – Cypress Hill

The Debriefer

The Debriefer

The Inside Scoop On Legal Poop.

The Inside Scoop On Legal Poop.  Hot cases & burning issues that matter to writers.  If you’re not Debriefed, you’re not on the beam.

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The Sensitive Billionaire

The More Money You Get, The Thinner Your Skin Becomes

The Dirty Dictionary

Not Our Fault – Honest – If The OED Goes All Potty-Mouth!

Salman Rushdie & Sherlock Homeboy

Plus Donald Trump & A Serial Killer...

Dark Hunter Vs Shadowhunter

When Super-Colossal Authors Collide