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Litopia is much more than just another website promising basic writing advice.

For over two decades, we’ve been a writing community in the true meaning of the word. A place where like-minded people can connect with each other.

You’ll learn a lot here, guaranteed. About the ever-evolving skills of writing and marketing your work. About community and the importance of mutual help. And about being a writer in today’s technologically-driven world (hint: it’s not about the tech at all… it’s still about making authentic human connections, with your readers and with other writers, too).

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Save your money. It shouldn’t cost a fortune to hone your writing skills.

Let’s Talk About Money…

Why should it cost a fortune (small or large) for a writing course or seminar? The great writers of previous decades honed their craft without paying extortionately. So can you.

By far the oldest community for writers on the 'net.

The Power of Community

We're the real thing.  By far the oldest community for writers on the 'net.  With a vibrant collegiate spirit. Mutual support is part of our ethos.  Join us and be part of something special.

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Suddenly, You’re An Influencer

As a Litopian, you're part of the POP-UP SUBMISSIONS Genius Room. Your opinion – and your vote – decides the winner. You'll see the publishing business with fresh eyes, we promise!

Literary agent Peter Cox. Partially tame.

Literary Agent Inside

Litopia’s founder Peter Cox is a best-selling writer, with two books charting at the No. 1 position in the UK national bestseller lists. Now a working literary agent with publishing and media deals worth millions of dollars. He leads our weekly Huddles.  Not quite tame. Doesn't bite.

Writers need writers. And cats.

Writers Need Writers

Don’t run away with the idea that the Colony is only a sweatshop. It’s far more than that. Writers benefit from mixing with other writers. For fun, for socialising and for mutual support. We’ve gradually evolved into a genuinely caring community. Be part of it.

Your own private sweatshop.

Desktop Workshop

Workshop your writing without limits in - surprise! - the Colony's Writing Workshops.  You choose who sees it.  You delete it when it's done.

Litopia Writers' Huddle. Virtually unbeatable.

Join A Huddle

Join a Huddle every Saturday. Wherever you are in the World. Bring your ideas for titles, your blurbs, your first chapters-in-progress… or just bring yourself and a glass of wine. It’s informal, in confidence and insanely good fun!

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Our Guiding Principles


Writers have always been an easy target for the unscrupulous. Ever more so in the internet era. We think you’ll see the difference here.


The writing life can be isolating. That’s why writers need other writers: for strength and support, and for socialising, too. No better place on the ‘net!


Two decades of serving the writing community.  But we don't live on our laurels. We’re constantly pushing new boundaries. Join us & be part of an exciting future!