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No more searching the internet.

No more being hussled into buying over-priced courses, seminars or editorial consultancies.

No more being treated like a punter.

This is Litopia. The net’s oldest and best colony for writers. Where writers come first. Where books – and careers – are launched. Welcome home.

Oldest writing community on the net - by far

Run by writers for writers

A brilliant and supportive environment for you & your writing

Keeping It Simple.

Our goal is exactly the same as yours. We want to see you published ever more successfully. And Litopia provides the tools to do that. It’s really that simple.

"Litopia's honest criticism and generous feedback helped me take the final step to representation by a top literary agent."

"Litopia’s the place to be for all budding writers, who want to truly bloom and thrive. It’s fun, full-on and friendly."

"I firmly believe I wouldn't be published at all if not for Litopia."
"Litopia is my favourite online writing hangout. In fact, nowadays, my only online writing hangout."
"Litopia is the most supportive and welcoming writers' group I've found online. Working alone in my office, Litopia is my break room where I can go to have a coffee, hang out with colleagues, and talk shop."

"The strength of Litopia is the people. I’m grateful that I have got to know a wide range of talented writers – in the company of these friendly, helpful and inspiring people, one’s own standard of writing can only be raised."

"Litopia is definitely the most supportive writing forum around."

"Thank you, Litopia! You have inspired me when the muse didn’t flow and I was ready to pull my hair out. You didn’t judge me when my writing was utter dribble, but instead you supported me with your brilliant feedback and advice."

The Rules We Live By

We’re Collegiate.

Your success is our success. We’re here for you – both the highs and the lows of your writing life.

We’re Ethical.

We don’t rip off writers. Full Membership costs only $9.95 a month, less if you pay yearly or half-yearly. No expensive extras!

Always Ahead.

Not merely the first online writing colony in the world. We’re constantly pushing new boundaries for writers: with our live weekly YouTube shows, our podcasts, and much more. Join us & be part of the future.

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Literary Agent Included

Litopia’s founder Peter Cox is a best-selling writer, with two books charting at the No. 1 position of the national bestseller lists. He’s also a working literary agent representing some of today’s most respected authors, having negotiated publishing and media contracts for his clients worth many millions of dollars.

And he’s accessible right here inside the Colony!


Live Across Planet Earth

As a Full Member of Litopia, you have a free ringside ticket to POP-UP SUBMISSIONS every week.  Exclusively for Litopians, the live chat room is an integral and vital part of each show. Air your views about each submission as it’s discussed.  Rub shoulders with your fellow members and publishing insiders as we look at the week’s submissions together.


A Place To Grow

Away from the workface, we have plenty of quiet corners for you.  There’s the Back Room, for example.  A strictly private area for members, search engines rigorously excluded.  Say what you want, and delete it when you’re done.

Then there’s the Writing Workshops. A place for you to give and receive essential feedback, confidentially. Control who sees it, and when it’s done, it's gone.

Inside Litopia, you're in control all the time.


Life in the Colony

We may be a “virtual” community, but our strength has been tempered through time.  Friendships are forged across continents. Mutual support is part of our ethos: writers need each other.

You may be actively developing a project, or you may be in a fallow period. It doesn’t matter. You can still be a vital part of the world’s oldest community for writers.  Pull up your chair and let the craic commence…