Boys From Brisco Mount

Michael James Treacy

Michael James Treacy | March 5, 2024

Boys From Brisco Mount


Boys from Brisco Mount were

not expected to be high achievers,

although the brightest

might attend Tech College

and aspire to be fitters

at the biscuit factory.


According to general opinion,

we came from a long line

of lower-class no-hopers

and were scheduled,

as a matter of course,

to keep with this tradition.


A legend concerning a hapless native

caught defiling a helpless ruminant

led to us all being labelled

with the same tag

and added to the consensus

of inbred ne’er-do-wells.


Factory grime was the destiny

of most of us as we left

the school gates for the final time,

which was a better deal

than previous generations,

whose destiny was slum housing,

trench warfare and hunger marches.


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