Pamela Jo Keeley

Pamela Jo Keeley is known inside the Colony as PJ. If you’re not yet a member, it’s free to join as a Basic Member.

Born in Kansas, I grew up riding my horse to landmarks recognised by Custer and Bill Cody. After graduating with a BS in Journalism, my career began with NHK in Tokyo. I've also been a voice actor, an ad writer, a photographer, an antiques picker, a reading teacher, a house flipper and stager. Now living in a Co. Wexford house with a haunted library inhabited by gaslighting fairies. I preserve rare mustangs with my Swiss husband. Our colleagues are an assortment of swordfighting actors, collies, lurchers and befuddled cats. I began writing fiction 3 years ago.

Social Links

The Cat Blog

    There's something about cats. Yes, in January  I burst my eardrum trying to cure the ear mite infection I caught from our two....
IMG_1844 (1)

The Magnificent 7 Leave Switzerland

     Lucky seven they say, but the morning I had to load that many strong-minded mustangs onto a lorry at the top of the...

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