Jake Joy

Jake Joy is known inside the Colony as Jake E. If you’re not yet a member, it’s free to join as a Basic Member.

Born in the tiny city of Wells, Somerset, I spent my formative years in the fields and woods of the countryside... until I got a PlayStation, then not so much. But those early memories of running about the woods with my brothers are what fuel my writing. The games and stories we played have stuck with me, and often, characters from those games appear in my stories.

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What’s the deal?

My experience with deal sites. This one is for the writers. Last week, I ran a promotion for my novel The Trouble with Prophecies. I...
brett-jordan-Z2bJeJQRbW0-unsplash (1)

Stories that stay with you

Last time, I spoke about stories that stay with you – or more accurately, the ones that don’t. This month, I want to take some...

Where did all the stories go?

The last few weeks, I have been replaying a video game from my distant past. An old favourite by the name of Final Fantasy VII....

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