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The Legend of Spring-Heeled Jack

Michael James Treacy

Come pull up a chair, pray sit you down. I’ll tell you a tale of London Town. A story to thrill and I won’t hold…

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Multiple Points-of-View

Claire Gallagher

Say What? Writing a novel with more than one point-of-view can be tricky. How can you juggle different personalities and motivations – and somehow use…

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The Cat Blog

Pamela Jo Keeley

    There’s something about cats. Yes, in January  I burst my eardrum trying to cure the ear mite infection I caught from our two….

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Ghost Writing

Claire Gallagher

Sorry! I’ve been a tad disingenuous with this title because I’m not referring to the act of writing on behalf of others, but rather the…

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Where did all the stories go?

Jake Joy

The last few weeks, I have been replaying a video game from my distant past. An old favourite by the name of Final Fantasy VII….

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Posing for the Bulgarian

Michael James Treacy

“Do you still see the Bulgarian?” The question tumbled out. “Yes.” Her reply was instant, instinctive, intuitive. “His name is Krasimir.” “Sorry.” He stuttered his…

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Over achievers

Tracey Montague

Over achievers rarely herald from untroubled upbringings. Being born to a mother with low confidence in her own abilities wouldn’t have been so bad, had…

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Not the Typical (Ugly) American Tourist (I hope).

James Charles

Ciao. Getting ready for our two-week trip to Northern Italy. Northern Italy you say. What about the rest of Italy? Well, in due course. A…

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Everything is Writing

Robinne Weiss

“Aren’t you supposed to be writing?” I shove the nagging question away. The computer will still be there when I return to it, cursor blinking…

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Unreliable Narrators (Spoiler Alert!)

Claire Gallagher

An Issue of Trust I’ll admit, novels with an unreliable narrator are not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love them. You start off thinking…

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