Window for Pop-Up Submissions now closed, re-opens soon

Peter Cox

Pop-Up Submissions

Writers have always wanted to understand exactly how literary agents assess their submissions.

Now, you can!

Listen and watch, live on Litopia’s Facebook page, as leading agent Peter Cox evaluates your submission.  This is a brilliant opportunity to show your work to one of the most highly-experienced agents in the business – and to be a fly on the wall as your submission is considered.

Traditionally the submission process has been shrouded in mystery. “No-one really knew how submissions were evaluated”, says Peter. “I’m pleased that Litopia’s Pop-Up Submissions is taking some of the mystery out of the process.  Seeing how the evaluation procedure works can only benefit writers, and lead to more commercially-successful manuscripts.”


Pop-Up Submissions must be sent using the form below. They will not be accepted in any other way.


Pop-Up Submissions take place on most Sundays at 6pm UK time.  For times in other parts of the world, click here.


On Litopia’s Facebook page.  Make sure you turn on your speakers so you can hear what Peter’s saying!


Submissions will be restricted to approximately the first 10 pages of each work, plus the synopsis and other details requested on the submission form below.

Why only ten pages?  “Because”, says Peter, “agents and publishers typically form a view of the submission from the first few pages.   First impressions count!”

What Else?

The event will be broadcast live on Litopia’s Facebook page, and the recording will be publicly available on Facebook for about a week afterwards, to ensure that those who might have missed the live broadcast can watch their submission being discussed.  It will then be removed from pubic view, but will be available inside the Colony for a few more weeks.

How Can This Be Free?

As the ‘net’s oldest writers’ colony, Litopia is entirely supported by the generous appreciation of our members.

Make A Submission

The submission window is currently closed while we catch up – please check back soon!