Last Pop-Up Submissions of the year next Sunday!

How To Make A Pop-Up Submission…


Litopia®’s Pop-Up Submissions® demystifies the manuscript submission process.

This is a unique opportunity to showcase your work directly to the publishing business – and to be a fly on the wall as your submission is considered.

Watch every Sunday as literary agent Peter Cox and his guests review the weeks’ manuscript submissions live, on-air.

For the first time ever, writers can now witness their submissions being evaluated.  “We’re taking the mystery out of the process,” says Peter.  “And that’s to everyone’s benefit.”

The winner of each show is permanently enrolled into our Pop-Up Winners Hall of Fame: an impressive achievment for any writer and a note of distinction on your writing CV.

How To Watch…

Join us live, every Sunday, at 6pm UK time.  You can choose from:

Additionally, members of Litopia Writers’ Colony can join in the live on-air chat.

For times in other parts of the world, click here.

How to make a Submission

Make your submission to us using the form below.  (And don’t be nervous!  Peter likes writers.  He won’t bite.)

What to Submit

This is what we’d like to receive from you:

  • The first 700 words of your work.  Why only 700 words?  “Because,” says Peter, “agents and publishers typically form a view of the submission from the first few pages.  First impressions count!  If we like what we read, we’ll call in a full submission.”
  • The title, genre, selling copy (blurb) and brief author biography.
  • Any other relevant information, e.g. your website, your blog, your Facebook page or your Amazon page.
  • Optional – if you have a YouTube video relating to your book, send us the link.
  • Optional – if you would like to submit your own reading of your work, send us an mp3 file.

We don’t require a full synopsis of the work to be submitted.  If Peter or a guest publisher or agent wants to see a synopsis, they will ask for it.

Is It Free?

Yes.  It’s entirely free to make a Pop-Up Submission.

However, our existence depends on your support!  If you feel we’re doing a worthwhile thing, then please make a sustaining contribution below.

Personal Info

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Make A Submission


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Terms of Submission

We can only accept work for consideration on Pop-Up Submissions on the following conditions, no exceptions or waivers. If you send us your work, it means you accept these conditions.

Definitions: “You” means the person making the submission. “We” means The Redhammer Management Ltd and anyone authorised to act on its behalf. “Work” means the writing and all accompanying material in any medium sent for inclusion in Pop-Up Submissions live events. “Litopia” and “Litopia Writers’ Colony” are trading names of The Redhammer Management Ltd.

  1. You understand and accept that the Work may, at Our sole discretion, be included in Litopia’s Pop-Up Submissions event, currently broadcast live on various internet platforms.  The event will be recorded and permanently made available for public viewing.  You agree that no royalties or fees of any sort whatsoever will be paid to You or other organization acting on your behalf.
  2. We shall not be obliged to make use of any Work You submit and shall not be liable for any consequential loss of publicity or enhancement of reputation or otherwise.
  3. No material will be returned. It is therefore essential for You to keep a copy.
  4. You must submit only Your own original work and You warrant that it does not infringe the copyright or any other rights of any third party.
  5. You must be the sole author of the Work.  You warrant that you have obtained all necessary consents and permissions on behalf of all persons or entities contributing to any accompanying material You submit and are authorized by any such persons or entities to grant the rights set out in these terms and conditions.
  6. You will indemnify and keep Us, our presenters, guests and staff indemnified from and against all and any claims, costs, damages, expenses, actions suffered or incurred by Us arising out of any breach of the warranties You have given.
  7. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and no other jurisdiction shall be applicable.