Pop-Up Submissions open! Village Hall meeting next!

Peter Cox

Pop-Up Submissions

From time to time, Redhammer’s Peter Cox (“AgentPete” inside the Colony) undertakes the live review of submissions on Litopia’s Facebook page.

This is a special opportunity not only to get your work in front of a highly-experienced agent, but also – and uniquely – to be a fly on the wall as your submission is examined and discussed.

Writers have always wanted to understand just how agents evaluate submissions. Litopia’s Pop-Up Submissions gives you exactly that opportunity.

“Traditionally”, says Peter, “the submission process has been shrouded in mystery. No-one really knew how submissions were evaluated, nor by whom. Redhammer is the first agency to take the wraps off. We believe it will benefit everyone: knowing more about the evaluation process can only help writers to produce better and more appropriate manuscripts, which in turn benefits agents and publishers alike.”


Pop-Up Submissions must be sent using the form below. They will not be accepted in any other way.


  • Sunday 12th November 2017
  • Sunday 19th November 2017
  • Sunday 26th November 2017 (now full)

And over the Christmas break:

  • Sunday 7th January 2018
  • Sunday 14th January 2018

Evaluations will kick off at 6pm UK time – please ensure you are there in good time!

  • 18:00 UK
  • 13:00 / 1pm New York / EDT
  • 10:00 / 10am Los Angeles / PDT

For times in other parts of the world, click here.



On Litopia’s Facebook page.


Submissions will be restricted to the first 10 pages of each work.

Submissions are currently closed, but will re-open in late December for the January sessions.  Follow us on social media to be notified when submissions open again.