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This area is for editors and publishers to review Pop-Up Submissions' monthly and quarterly show winners, as voted by show guests and the wider reading public.

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The Outlier

Author: Joe Sweeney Genre: Young Adult Dystopian Blurb: A Ghost is stalking seventeen-year-old Kath Larkin. It looks exactly like her. It sounds exactly like her. But that’s where their similarities end. Because the Ghost despises everything about Kath and vows to kill her by taking control of her mind and body. Soon Kath faces a…

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Cliff Davis and the Big Blue Dark

  Author: Steve Wiest Genre: Science Fiction Blurb: In 2042, climate change is devastating – society is in a rapid decline – entertainment technology is the new religion – and a jazz composer holds the keys to planetary salvation. Follow Clyf Davis and his friends as they race across the People’s Continent in the hopes…

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The Shop of Second Chances

Author: Miriam Morrison Genre: Romantic comedy Blurb: Everything in Alice’s charity shop gets a new lease of life – wedding dresses, books, hamster cages – and sometimes even people. When Alice gets a hypercritical, hyper-ambitious new boss, her shop starts making a loss. Through a series of mishaps, misadventures and misunderstandings, Alice faces the threat…

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The Longest Spring

Author: Pete Sherrard Genre: Historical fiction Blurb: March 1916. Second Lieutenant Alex Ryan is excited to join his battalion in the front-line trenches of Northern France. But excitement turns to horror when he accidentally kills his commanding officer. His mentor, the famous war hero, Captain Eden, convinces Alex that he’ll be shot unless they cover…

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Grave Deceit

Author: Casey King Genre: Crime Fiction Blurb: In the criminal world, everyone is guilty of something. After a failed hit and subsequent murder of a detective, Danielle Lewis returns to Dublin in search for those responsible. An ongoing simmering feud between the Flynn and Lewis families, over control of Dublin’s drug trade, threatens everyone’s safety,…

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Gates to Nowhere

Author: Simon Nagel Genre: Speculative Fiction Blurb: As the lone mortician of Corona, New Mexico, Don Dupree has seen it all when it comes to funerals. At least that was the case… until John White’s body arrives at his doorstep with no record of birth or death certificates. Strangest of all is the disoriented next…

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Dancing Fools and all that Jazz

Author: Becky Fleetwood Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction Blurb: What do a dentist, librarian, nanny and dinner lady have in common? Their love and dance and Clarissa’s dance group. Now they are heading for the finals of the Expression amateur dance competition in Paris. But the ladies are carrying more baggage than just their costumes. Can…

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You Watched Them Drown

Author: Michele Houlihan Genre: Psychological Thriller Blurb: Twenty years ago, a group of school children watched two young boys drown and failed to save them. Now someone is killing off their children and no one knows who will be next. Alice and Amelia were ten years old when they witnessed the drownings of two boys.…

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The Reality Coder

Author: Ella Mishne Genre: Middle grade fantasy Blurb: In a world where hackers edit the laws of physics using a magical programming language, eleven-year-old computer techie, Danielle, must destroy a computer virus that is demolishing parts of the universe. About The Author: Voting Score: 74 points Download Submission

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