Winners' Circle


This area is for editors and publishers to review Pop-Up Submissions' monthly and quarterly show winners, as voted by show guests and the wider reading public.

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Dancing Fools and All That Jazz

Author: Becky Fleetwood Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction Blurb: What do a dentist, librarian, nanny and dinner lady have in common? Their love and dance and Clarissa’s dance group. Now they are heading for the finals of the Expression amateur dance competition in Paris. But the ladies are carrying more baggage than just their costumes. Can…

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The Outlier

Author: Joe Sweeney Genre: Young Adult Dystopian Blurb: A Ghost is stalking seventeen-year-old Kath Larkin. It looks exactly like her. It sounds exactly like her. But that’s where their similarities end. Because the Ghost despises everything about Kath and vows to kill her by taking control of her mind and body. Soon Kath faces a…

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