The Outlier

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Author: Joe Sweeney
Genre: Young Adult Dystopian
A Ghost is stalking seventeen-year-old Kath Larkin. It looks exactly like her. It sounds exactly like her. But that’s where their similarities end. Because the Ghost despises everything about Kath and vows to kill her by taking control of her mind and body. Soon Kath faces a desperate choice – surrender to the demons of her past and let the vengeful Ghost destroy her or wage a crippling war to save herself. Her country’s fate rests on her decision.

About The Author:
I’m a father of two teens, an ironman triathlete and a lover of travel (the plan is to eventually repeat the round-the-world trip I did in my twenties). Above all, writing is my true passion, and my dream is for THE OUTLIER and my future novels to be successfully published. I’ve done both online courses and also attended a novel writing course hosted by Conor Kostick in the Irish Writers Centre. For several years now I’ve been a member of a writing group specifically for authors of children’s books and YA.

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