Dancing Fools and All That Jazz

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Author: Becky Fleetwood
Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction
Blurb: What do a dentist, librarian, nanny and dinner lady have in common?
Their love and dance and Clarissa’s dance group. Now they are heading for the finals of the Expression amateur dance competition in Paris. But the ladies are carrying more baggage than just their costumes.
Can their friendships survive theft, betrayal and treachery to win the coveted prize?
An affirming read – not dissimilar to Calendar Girls – set against the backdrop of Paris with the glitz and sparkle of dance.
About The Author:
Born a Brummie, I live in the north-west UK with my hubby of forty years where we raised our four kids.
I have done all manner of jobs from barmaid to exams officer, and a fair amount of volunteering. I currently run a thriving toddler group and the local foodbank. I have also been part of a ladies’ amateur dance group for over twenty years.
I independently published a Young Adult trilogy – The Chroma Series – between 2016 and 2020.
Lockdown then gave me the perfect opportunity to write a contemporary women’s fiction.
Dancing Fools and all that Jazz is an up-lit, diverse tale of female friendships. The dance is for real while the characters are my invention.

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