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Jonny 6

Jon Duffy

Writer, musician and podcaster. "I have always been drawn to accents" says Jon "and can turn my hand (or should that be vocal chords) to most regional UK and American ones: including the notoriously difficult and often butchered Geordie and Northern Ireland. Although, having been born and raised in Northern Ireland until my twenties I might have a bit of an advantage there!" Listen to Jon here.


Hannah Faoileán

Hannah Faoileán (pronounced Fwee-lawn) was brought up in Dublin and now lives in Edinburgh.  Her accent sits somewhere in the ocean between Ireland and Scotland. "I have done a number of performance readings at festivals and am happy to read aloud in any genre", says Hannah.


Emily Rainsford

Emily’s warm Irish tones are a consistent favourite with authors and viewers on Pop-Up Submissions. She brings an indefinable something to her readings which gives them heart and effortlessly absorbs listeners. Emily has recently produced her first fiction audio-book. She is willing to work in any genre and will deliver professional quality audio for your work, from narration to editing, to final production.

MEL Portrait Jan 23

M.E. Lewis

M.E. Lewis (‘Mel’) is a Canadian-born writer who loves bringing her voice to stories of all genres. A PR professional, fluent French speaker and occasional voice artist, Mel has lived in France and Switzerland for 30 years. She is an avid reader of quirky stories who enjoys turning her keen eye for observation to writing fiction and memoir. Listen to Mel here.

alison gardiner Gibraltar literary festival high res - Copy (2)

Alison Gardiner

Doctor, mother, writer, SCBWI Co-Regional Advisor, reasonable cook, terrible gardener (ironically), Alison Gardiner loves all her roles, but sometimes gets her priorities muddled (except for banana-bread chef; that’s always right up there).

Alison lives in the south of England and loves to travel, having spent her early years in Jamaica, USA, Gibraltar and Scotland. She’s ridden a camel, fed elephants, cuddled snakes and patted a hippo. She attributes her wildlife fearlessness to having four children.

Ali speaks reasonable French and a variable amount of several other languages. She's a regular narrator on Pop-Up Submissions and is happy to tackle pretty much anything.


Photo credit Kt Bruce Photography


Kate E. Salisbury

Kate is an experienced BBC broadcaster (radio and television for twenty years) with a background in acting and musical theatre. She’s a children’s author and lover of all types of literature (with a small “L”). Character voices a speciality. Also a sometime singer, instrumentalist and vocal arranger. Kate’s voice is something of an all-rounder and suited to most literary genres. Listen to Kate here.


Beverley Dalton

 Artist, writer, blogger, podcaster, and all-round late-bloomer (but making up for it). "My accent could best be described as somewhere in southern England, but even I’m not sure precisely where. But it is pretty classy, considering my early life was spent in Gravesend, where my mother would despair at my dropped Hs. Unable to please everyone, my smoothed-out accent is now frowned on by my son, who thinks 'a proper' accent gives a voice character (he's not wrong)."

Robert Derry

Robert has 14 years acting experience and enjoys breathing life into characters both on the stage and from the page. He can employ a good range of accents, particularly Scottish and Southern American. Robert is comfortable narrating texts with complex character names, settings and concepts. He reads a variety of fiction, but writes mostly in the sci-fi genre. Listen to Robert here.


Martin Ross

Frontman of the ‘80s band The Ghosts in Slippers, Martin continues to write both songs and prose. “I consider it a privilege,” he says, “to bring the words to life of the authors brave enough to submit their work for public scrutiny.” In fact, Martin’s own writing has been featured on the show. “I’m firmly in the authors' camp,” he says, “and keen to do the best job possible!”


Geoff Sullivan

With a background in Amateur Dramatics, in particular Pantomime, Geoff is happy to work in any genre. Hailing from South London he is adept at readings that require a London accent, but can adapt to other national and international speech requirements too. Listen to Geoff here.

B Rickenbacher

Barbara Rickenbacher

Actor, podcaster, and writer. "I love giving voice to all kinds of stories, and have read across various genres. Trained at East 15 Acting School, my acting credits include various theatre roles, as well as TV and film work. I'm also also one of the presenters of the Green Cows Don't Fly podcast. I speak several languages: Fluent in Swiss German and German, basic Italian and French. Some days I'm convinced I'm a cat, so if you need a good 'meow', I'm your person!" Listen to Barbara here.

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