Huddle South This Wednesday

Huddle South This Wednesday

Our monthly Huddle South is set for this coming Wednesday, 6th March. All Full Members are welcome but preference will be given to Litopians living in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and other time zones that don’t play nicely with our weekly Huddle scheduling on Saturdays.

I don’t think you really need me to tell you how unique Huddles are and how much fun we have but, just for form’s sake, Huddles are (a) confidential; (b) about two hours long and (c) we can address anything – literally anything – in them that you’d like to bring along for our attention.

Title troubles. Blurb blues. Synopsis stumpers. First chapter flusters. Even problems that aren’t alliterative 🙂

You must sign up for each Huddle – here’s the link for this one – and local times are shown below.

UK 8.00 am
Johannesburg 10am
Hong Kong 4pm
Brisbane 6pm
Canberra 7pm
Sydney 7pm
Melbourne 7pm
Auckland 9pm

Other times zones