Jasmine Firestorm

Jasmine Firestorm is known inside the Colony as TestMemberB. If you’re not yet a member, it’s free to join as a Basic Member.

Jasmine is a multifaceted wordsmith and part-time firefighter who weaves tales that blaze with intensity both on and off the pages. Born and raised in the heart of a small American town, Sarah's literary journey is as diverse as her experiences.
By day, Sarah dons the uniform of a firefighter, a role she wholeheartedly embraced in her community. Her commitment to service goes beyond the flames she extinguishes; it extends into the realms of storytelling where she crafts narratives that resonate with the human spirit. Balancing the adrenaline-pumping demands of firefighting with the quiet contemplation of a writer, Sarah's life is a dichotomy that fuels her creativity.

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