Writing A Killer Author Bio

Writing A Killer Author Bio

Writing about yourself in the third person is the hardest thing for many writers.  Yet that’s what you constantly are required to do in today’s writing marketplace.

Amazon pages. Cover letters. Jacket blurbs. Even Litopia’s new blogging platform.  You’ve got to produce a compelling, tight author bio while keeping to a strict word count.

So where on earth do you begin?

Well, tomorrow’s Huddle is a good starting point.

In addition to whatever personal work you’d like to bring along – and we’re pretty good at sorting out your titles, blurbs, first chapters, cover letters and much more – we’ll be looking at the arcane art of the author bio.

I’ll be sharing some tips, of course. But also, I’d love you to bring along one or two examples of what you think are some of the best author bio’s you’ve seen.

As always, it will be fun!

See you tomorrow.