The Dictionary Of Body Language by Joe Navarro

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The Dictionary Of Body Language by Joe Navarro

Our Summary

Not a writing book per say, but an invaluable text for writers. That is, it’s dictionary structure means you can flick to a section and read about a specific body part you want to write about and read authentic body language positions/movements, etc. for each character. For example, you might might want to write about a character’s eye, head, hand, etc. movement, the text allows you to learn authentic, non-cliched body language. Written by a ex-FBI agent, it is easy to read and invaluable for adding layers of authentic ‘show’ to characters. Works well with Navarro’s first book What Every Body is Saying (a more detailed account of body language with illustrations).

What I learned From It

Genuine body language that can be adapted to different characters for accurate emotion and thus characterisation. Rather than relying on the usual cliches in body language for characters, this book elevates and authenticates body language, movement, and thus emotion that ‘shows’ rather than ‘tells’ the reader in a believable manner. Easy to use both via the chapter headings and the detailed index to research each different part of the body. This is one book I would not be without as a writer.

Rachael Burnett

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