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Haunting Tales

Share Your Strangest, Most Mysterious (True-ish!) Stories

The Strange, The Macabre, and the Scary… Share Your Scares With Us!

We’re planning a live event on YouTube on Monday 30th October.

And we want your stories for it.

Haunting Tales LIVE focuses on true(ish!) things that have happened to you... your friends... or people in your area.

Maybe an urban legend.

Or that day you decided against buying a house because of the vibes you got when you walked in (and how right you were…).

Everyone’s got stories like this.

We want yours!




We’re looking to create an atmosphere of telling stories around a campfire. Don’t worry about being word-perfect… this is more of a conversation than a performance.  And yes of course, you can use notes.

The sample video below will give you an idea of the relaxed, informal style we’re going for.