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Our weekly Writers' Huddles are unique to Litopia.  Conducted on Zoom, they are relaxed, informal and confidential. Best of all, they are included without further cost in your affordable annual membership subscription.

Litopia's weekly Huddles last approximately two hours and run on Zoom. Our low yearly subscription includes attending as many Huddles as you wish.

  • Regular attendance at Huddles will develop your expertise. Experience shows that there's no shortcut: highly-priced courses or seminars generally over-promise yet under-deliver. The fastest way to develop exceptional writing skills is through really effective, regular practice. And that’s exactly what Huddles facilitate.
  • Keeping you in the loop, both professionally and socially. "I like being able to talk freely and openly about the publishing business" says literary agent Peter Cox, who leads our Saturday Huddles. "Huddlers are extremely diverse people, both geographically and in every other possible way. Yet we’re united in our concern and support for each other, and that’s more than special."
  • Put our high-octane hive mind to work on your writing tasks and challenges. Such as improving a title. Or slicking-up a synopsis. Or crafting a covering letter. This is typically what happens inside a Huddle, week in and week out.
  • Bringing clarity to issues that writers find baffling or impenetrable. Such as Amazon Reviews, Amazon Author Central or simply understanding what a blurb must do to be effective. We tackle all of topics and more, because they’re issues of concern to today’s writer.

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