Discovered Something Wonderful…? Then


To Thousands Of Our Viewers…

A New Way To Share The Wonderful Things You Discover.

We all love sharing the neat new things we discover!

  •  Amazing books you encounter
  •  Cool videos & movies you unearth
  •  Life-changing ideas you stumble upon

GUSH from Pop-Up Submissions let’s you share your new-found passions with thousands of our viewers.

Record up to 60-seconds of video – right now – and let us enjoy the love.

Go ahead… gush a little 🙂

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The Rules

There aren't many.

  • Just one recommendation per video, please.
  • But you can record as many recommendations as you want. In fact, don’t stop! Our viewers will soon look forward to your personal picks.
  • It’s not cool to recommend your own stuff, e.g. books that just happen to be written by… you.
  • Nothing longer than 60 seconds, 30 secs has a better chance of making the show.
  • You give us all relevant permissions to include your video(s) in our shows. Until the end of time or the end of the universe. Whichever comes first.
  • Smile a lot!