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A message from Peter

Before you click that button, please give me a second or two…

I’m really sorry that you’re thinking of cancelling.

It means that we’ve done something wrong – or maybe, not done something we ought to have done.

If that’s the case, please tell us about it. You can always speak to one of our wonderful Guardians… or send me a direct message, @AgentPete. I’d really appreciate hearing from you personally.

If money is an issue for you, as it is for millions of people now, then please consider a few options…

  • Change to another subscription plan – either monthly, quarterly or yearly. Yearly gives you the very best value – monthly offers the lowest regular outlay.
  • Watch out for our promotions. We regularly run promotions that offer significant subscription discounts.
  • Join our soon-to-be-launched Affiliate Scheme. Promote Litopia amongst your friends and on your social media, and you’ll very quickly start earning significant payments – enough to pay for your own subscription and more!

I hope we can persuade you to stay!

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