Developing A Written Voice by Dona J Hickey

Nominated To The Writers’ Reading List By Litopia's Members

Developing A Written Voice by Dona J Hickey

Our Summary

This dense work focuses on a directed attitude towards developing Voice. From conversational to formal, snarky to respectful, it’s all about word choice and the way that language will both sound and convey meaning. The same words with the same meaning can nevertheless be ordered in different ways with a difference in the way they are perceived, the it is this that comprises ‘voice’. Replete with concrete examples and pertinent exercises, this book is hard to find but well worth the search.

What I learned From It

All writers have a voice, but not all work at developing it – or even possess a framework for it. This book provides a framework and it’s a book I will continue working through for years to come.

Dan Payne

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