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If you’re like most authors, you HATE writing blurbs!

Days – even weeks – of intense brain work… only to produce a pitifully small number of words. It doesn’t feel like a great return on your investment of time and effort, does it?

But just think.

Apart from your book's manuscript, your blurb is the most important piece of writing you’ll ever produce. Because a good blurb will actively sell your book… and a poor one will kill your sales stone dead.

Which means that those few dozen words may be the most consequential you’ll ever write in your whole career.

So it’s time to get serious about blurbs.

WRITING KILLER BLURBS does exactly that. In less than ninety minutes, you’ll learn everything you need to know to construct a powerfully effective blurb for today’s readers.

Your host and mentor Peter Cox isn’t just one of today’s most successful literary agents. With two No. 1 bestselling books in the UK charts, he practises what he preaches.

The old-fashioned literary blurb is dead. It’s time to rethink the book blurb for the twenty-first century reader.

This is where it starts.

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About Peter

About Peter

Before writing two No. 1 national bestselling books, Peter ran a successful advertising agency. His highly-regarded literary agency Redhammer Management has negotiated publishing, film and tv deals worth millions of dollars for its clients.

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Only $19.95 for three days' access

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Why So Cheap?

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How Do I Take Part?

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Get Instant Access To This Essential Seminar Now!

Only $19.95 for three days' access