Tommy Nutter

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Tommy Nutter, a culinary maestro with a penchant for the mysterious and the macabre, is not your typical chef-author. Born with a taste for both fine cuisine and the enigmatic realms of the occult, Tommy has crafted a literary niche where gastronomy meets the arcane in a symphony of flavors and intrigue.

Hailing from the bustling culinary scenes of cosmopolitan kitchens, Tommy found himself drawn to the shadows lurking behind the scenes, much like the mysteries he would later pen. With a culinary education that took him from Parisian bistros to Asian street markets, Tommy's diverse palate found an unexpected companion in the world of crime fiction.

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The Turning-Point Of My Life

To me, the most important feature of my life is its literary feature. I have been professionally literary something more than forty years. There have...

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