Claire Gallagher

Claire Gallagher is known inside the Colony as Claire G. If you’re not yet a member, it’s free to join as a Basic Member.

Claire is a self-published author of contemporary romances. She has a literary agent and is aiming to traditionally publish her more psychological novels.

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What Makes Great Writing?

We All Have Our Own Opinions Of course we do! Life would be very boring if we didn’t. But there are elements to story that...

Multiple Points-of-View

Say What? Writing a novel with more than one point-of-view can be tricky. How can you juggle different personalities and motivations – and somehow use...

Ghost Writing

Sorry! I’ve been a tad disingenuous with this title because I’m not referring to the act of writing on behalf of others, but rather the...

Unreliable Narrators (Spoiler Alert!)

An Issue of Trust I’ll admit, novels with an unreliable narrator are not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love them. You start off thinking...

Unlikeable Characters

Save the Cat? My three psychological novels have unlikeable point-of-view characters. Without balance, they can appear two-dimensional – and I’ve discovered that achieving that balance...
Genres pic resized

Writing Different Genres

First Things First I’ve never understood people who have a favourite song, book or film. Surely your choice depends on your mood. It’s the same...

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