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Pre-Show Live

Click on the "play" button below to join the exclusive live pre-show just for Genius Room members.  Starts approx 30 minutes before the main show (4:30pm UK). Click on the faint "picture-in-picture" icon to make the video pop out into a resizable box.  The live pre-show stream will stop when the show goes live (5pm UK) so please use the larger YouTube player at the top of this page.

Notes on Voting

* Title

How much do you like the title – does it intrigue and interest you? Or does it turn you off completely?

* Blurb

Is the blurb compelling and original? Or does it make you want to run away?

* Craft

Submissions can sometimes be well written yet not be commercially attractive or viable. So for a moment, forget about the commercial appeal of this submission – how much craftsmanship does the writing demonstrate?

* Bang

This is our way of describing the submission’s general commercial appeal (not the quality of the writing, which is covered above). Is this a commercial proposition… how likely would you be to buy it?