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Pop-Up Submissions

Be a fly on the wall as your submission is evaluated!


Litopia®’s Pop-Up Submissions® demystifies the manuscript submission process.

Showcase your work directly to the publishing business.  Be a fly on the wall as your submission is considered.

Every Sunday literary agent Peter Cox and his guests review the weeks’ manuscript submissions – live and on-air.

It’s an amazing experience.  For the first time ever, writers can  witness their submissions being evaluated.  “We’re taking the mystery out of the process,” says Peter.  “Everyone love it.”

The winner of each show is permanently enrolled into our Pop-Up Winners Hall of Fame: an impressive achievment for any writer and a note of distinction on your writing CV.

If you are a publicist, you can pitch us a guest here.

“Litopia” and “Pop-Up Submissions” are registered trade marks. The format of “Pop-Up Submissions” is protected by sections 1(1)(a) and 3(1) of the UK Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988. We are keen to work with show sponsors. Do not infringe our IP.

Your Host

Peter Cox

Peter Cox

Peter Cox is a literary agent with Redhammer Management Ltd


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