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Peter Cox

Bruised, Defiant – Just Don’t Try Rescuing Her
Everything – everything in one book
What Is Consciousness? Not What You Think
Three Faces of War – Very Special Forces
It Takes Heroism To Fight A War. But Even More Courage Not To.
Welcome To The Land Where Time Goes Backwards
Are you being too careful with your writing?
Susan Greenfield - Baroness of the Brain
Love Her or Loathe Her, Just Don’t Ignore What This Top Scientist Is Saying About Your Brain
Most Submissions I See Commit At Least One of These Avoidable Mistakes
Best of Enemies
Why Is There Not A Poem On The Back Of Every Till Receipt, Flash Fiction On Every Sandwich Wrapper?
Making Nonsense of It All
Three Faces of War – The Assassin
What Really Happened In Sarajevo On That June Day A Hundred Years Ago
We Have Exalted Making Money To Be The Only Thing That Has Any Value
Zelig's problem is that he has absolutely no identity he can call his own

Burning Books

Burning Books

Talking Great, Good, Bad and Very Bad Books

From the latest débuts to classic literature, Burning Books separates the smoking from the singeworthy.  Hosted by Eric Beck Rubin.

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Netanya by Dror Burstein

Everything – everything in one book

Human Parts by Orly Castel-Bloom

Making Nonsense of It All

The Debriefer

The Debriefer

The Inside Scoop On Publishing Poop.

Hot cases & burning issues.  If you’re not Debriefed, you’re not on the beam!

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The real Harvey is fearful, paranoid, and hates being touched (when fully dressed)

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