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Of Headscarves & Hymens: A Candid Conversation With Mona Eltahawy

Bruised, Defiant – Just Don’t Try Rescuing Her
Abdel Bari Atwan

The Hard Conversation

Enough With The Bombing. Let’s Talk About Peace In The Middle East

Good Grief

What Does Grief Tell Us? Simply, That We Should Be Nicer To Each Other
Ian Moore

France A La Mod – or, A Beer in Provence

Every Englishman Secretly Dreams Of Living In France. That's When The Nightmare Begins.

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Next Up… The Irrepressible Mona Eltahawy

Following on from our last show with Abdel Bari Atwan, my next guest will be the irrepressible Mona Eltahawy – an award-winning journalist and commentator on Arab and Muslim issues and global feminism.  People either love or hate Mona… no middle ground.  I’m hugely looking forward to meeting her – it’ll be epic!

The Hungry & The Hunted

The Hungry and The Hunted

Real Rock For Now People

The very best in new alternative music. Mostly but not exclusively British sounds. Dedicated to indie bands who reject the narrow confines of manufactured pop pap.

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The Graveltones & Harry St Jimmy Adams

Your Monthly Smörgåsbord Of The Best In New Alternative Music!
The Retrospectives

The Retrospectives

Sheffield's Finest Give Manchester's Mightiest A Run For Their Money

Electric River

The Band That Makes Garage Rock Cool Again!
Alias Kid

Alias Kid

If Noel Wonders Where Working Class Bands Have Gone, Have A Listen To This Lot

Burning Books

Burning Books

Talking Great, Good, Bad and Very Bad Books

From the latest débuts to classic literature, Burning Books separates the smoking from the singeworthy.  Iconoclasm at its most elegant.

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GBH-The Garry Bushell Hour

A Talk Show The Way It Should Be Done: Raw, Honest And Very, Very Funny!

Frank & uncensored conversation with today’s big names & bigger thinkers. Too risky for radio. Too truthful for television. Just right for you.

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Women Who Rock – Pride, Passion & Prejudice

It's Different For Girls... Rock-Climbing For Women

Steve Diggle – Still A Buzz, Cock

A Tour-De-Force Of Punks On Tour

Patti Boulaye: From Strife To Stardom

All She Wanted Was To Be A Nun... But She Ended Up A Star Instead

The Debriefer

The Debriefer

It’s A Real Life, True Crime Legal Drama!

True Crime + Real-Life = Legal Drama. Hot cases & burning issues that matter to writers.  If you’re not Debriefed, you’re not on the beam.

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Serial Killers of the World Unite!

You Have Nothing To Lose But Your Reputation...

Gender Discrimination in Publishing

Looks Like It’s Tougher For Women To Get Published Than Men
A Gronking We’d Rather Forget

A Gronking We’d Rather Forget

Yet Another Freaky Fortnight In The High Weirdness That Is Publishing
Out Of It

Out of It

Donna Takes A Blow To The Head & Everything Gets Weirder

The DeadPool

The DeadPool

Defunct They May Be, But True Glory Never Dies...

Not all our shows live forever.  This is where they go when they ring down the curtain for the final time and join the choir invisible.

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