Even God needed a writer.

Peter Cox

All About Litopia

What is Litopia?

Vast though it is, the internet has nothing quite like Litopia.

Litopia is the ‘net’s oldest writers’ colony.  Beyond that dry fact, we’re by far the friendliest place for writers you are likely to find.

Partly a highly sociable community, we are also a very serious workshop where your writing projects can be developed all the way from inception right through to market.  In the process, you will make many friends, and your writing skills will be sharply honed.

We are also totally free to join.

Litopia really is rather special.

In an age when so much of the ‘net seems to have crossed to the dark side, it’s refreshing to find a place that is straightforward about its standards and principles.

Speaking of which…

Our Ethos
  • We’re collegiate.  Litopia is all about writers helping each other.  Writing is a solitary pursuit, and often isolating.  Litopia provides the social glue for like-minded folk to support each other.
  •  We’re free to join.  Most writers are not wealthy: and although Litopia needs to make money to survive, we will never rip off our members.  Donations from happy members are important to us, and we also have a growing range of products for members to purchase if they wish to.
  • We’re in the vanguard.  Litopia is where the future of writing, reading and publishing is being forged.  This is a tumultuous period in the history of publishing, a time of more heat than light.  Yet there are great opportunities, too – and Litopians will see them first.

Join Now

Litopia has grown into the unique place it is because of people like you. If you like the sound of what we’re about, you will probably benefit from becoming a member – so join us now!