Writers are doing it for themselves.

Peter Cox, Founder

All About Litopia

What is Litopia?Welcome to Litopia: by far and away the oldest community for writers on the ‘net.

Part word palace, part literary salon, and part sweat shop, Litopia is both a social community for writers, and a serious workshop where writing is developed and skills are honed.  And we have some pretty darn fine radio shows, too.

Litopia is independently run by writers for writers.  At the social heart of the Colony is an area we call Café Life: a vibrant literary salon in the grand European manner. Here you’ll find high-minded banter rubbing shoulders with low-down wit: just what a literary salon ought to be.

Express an opinion, share a yarn, catch up with industry gossip or just spend time recharging your gray matter. Stimulating company is guaranteed! A place where you can get a decent espresso and chat about existentialism.  Or cocktails and Cocteau, depending on your bent.


The Litopia Ethos

* Collegiate *

  Litopia is all about writers helping each other.

* Rip-Off Free Zone *

Litopia is free to join.  We will never rip off our members.

* In The Vanguard *

If you want to know what the leading edge looks like, look around you! We tackle issues – and feature people – on Litopia’s shows that are way beyond the comfort zone of mainstream media. This is where the future of writing, reading and publishing is being forged.

Litopia really is something quite special. Many writers have honed their craft here. The shows we produce are outstanding – better in many ways than the output of national broadcasters, and certainly more thought-provoking.  And we have an exceptional range of books (physical, e and audio) that we’d love you to browse and buy.

Become A Patron

Litopia has grown into the unique place it is because of people like you. To keep going – to keep nurturing writers and to continue producing all our shows – we really do need your support.

You can become a patron of any (or all) of Litopia’s shows. For as little as $1 a month.   If you enjoy any aspect of what we do, then please do support us.

Get Involved

Litopia is a dynamic, continually evolving entity.  There are many ways you can participate, ranging from joining The Colony to helping out behind the scenes.  Don’t be a stranger – if you’d like to become involved with what we’re doing, then get in touch.

With kindest wishes,
Peter Cox
Peter Cox, founder
Peter Cox