You Watched Them Drown

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Author: Michele Houlihan
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Twenty years ago, a group of school children watched two young boys drown and failed to save them. Now someone is killing off their children and no one knows who will be next.
Alice and Amelia were ten years old when they witnessed the drownings of two boys. Now, each of them has lost a child to a mysterious drowning. The police say they were accidents. But they know they were revenge killings. Now they need to stop a killer.

About The Author:
Hi again. I just had to come back for more fun, honest and helpful Litopian advice! I am working with a publisher on a submission reviewed on the show last year and it’s going well. Nothing laid in stone but the support of Litopians has made it an amazing experience. I’m back with my darker side. I hope you like it and I really appreciate the honest feedback. It can only make me a better writer.

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