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Viva Le Pink

And A Happy New Rockabilly Year To You, Too!

She’s the love child of Marilyn Monroe and Ziggy Stardust, and Kiria Le Pink is simply one of the most exciting artists on the UK’s newly-revitalized rockabilly scene.

Working with Camden’s legendary producer Phil ‘Doyley’ Doyle the North London singer-songwriter is intent on making one of the earliest forms of rock’n’roll vital and sexy again.

10404162_809084159110278_7366796298745022517_nKiria and two of her Missy Le Pink crew join Garry in the studio for a lively Xmas/New Year show.  And as usual the playlist mixes and mashes new songs from old veterans like The Boys with the fresh sounds of Manchester’s next big thing The Backhanders.

Plus there are great numbers from The Droogettes, Tankus The Henge, Daveit Ferris, the City Saints, Ross Harper, Model Society, the Brassknuckle Boys and much more.

The Hungry & The Hunted – too real for Cowell, too cool for Jools…

The Boys

The Boys

THE BOYS have just released their long-requested first new studio album since 1981 on Wolverine Records. Featuring the original founder members and creative core of Matt Dangerfield, Casino Steel and Honest John Plain, the new album “Punk Rock Menopause” is packed with 13 iconic new songs bearing the band’s classic trademark blistering guitars, hard-edged melodies, killer hooks and layered harmonies.

Along with the Sex Pistols, Clash and The Damned, The Boys were part of the first wave of the mid-1970’s UK punk explosion. Armed with an arsenal of killer Steel/Dangerfield songs The Boys became the first UK punk band to sign an album deal in January 1977. Highly regarded by the music press and their contemporaries, their well-crafted songs, together with Steel and Dangerfield’s love of harmonies, led to them being described as ‘The Beatles of Punk’ but they could (and should) just as deservedly have been compared to the Ramones ­– fast, alternately brattish and tongue-in-cheek, and gloriously anthemic.

As Last FM puts it: “The Boys made arguably one of the best LPs of the 70s with their self-titled first album and provided the template for superior Pop Punk before even the Buzzcocks had got out of first gear”.

The Boys were born in September 1975 when singer/guitarist Matt Dangerfield left Mick Jones and Tony James’s fledgling punk band London SS to form a new band with ex-Hollywood Brats songwriter/keyboard player Casino Steel. Dangerfield’s art college pal, guitarist Honest John Plain, was quickly recruited. The following year they held auditions for the bass and drum roles with Kid Reid and Jack Black completing the line-up.

She’s The Reason

City Saints

City Saints

The success of City Saints debut album “Kicking Ass for the Working Class” took everyone by surprise. Even the band. In fact, the band itself was more or less an accident.
For ten years or more singer Stefan Johansson and drummer Magnus Jonsson talked about forming a side project, a street rock’n’roll band that blended Oi! with classic punk rock. With the aid of guitar player Gabriel Aadland the songs were quickly written and even more rapidly arranged as bass player Carl Linnaeus joined. The tunes were fleshed out during a couple of rehearsals and then recorded with the arrangements still being steaming hot. The product oozed of attitude, hunger and excitement.

I Hope Santa Dies

The Backhanders

The Backhanders

There’s an underground buzz around Manchester now about The Backhanders, this new four piece featuring Stephen Chadwick, Pete Clarke, Matty Owen and Ashley Taylor.

Joe Strummer sent  Fatneck a book of photos  of himself with friends around a campfire with little notes written below each pic.  Campfire has been chosen as a tribute at the next Strummerville.


Memory Lane

The Droogettes

The Droogettes

The Droogettes were formed by Philadelphia area based musicians: Rachel Starlett, Frankie and Jen Reiling in the fall of 2012. This trio was joined by drummer Tina Klein in February 2013.

The Droogettes vision was clear from their earliest conception, to provide the Punk and Oi! movement with an all-female alternative to a scene that is mostly dominated by males.

Taking the song by 7 Seconds “Not Just Boys Fun” literally, these girls wanted to provide a voice, not just for a generation, but with a female’s outlook and perception.

Taking their image from a clockwork orange theme, these girls play Punk & Oi! influenced by bands like The Business, The Oppressed, Blitz and Cock Sparrer .

After catching the eye of local independent Philadelphia label Creep Records, the band hit the studio in July 2013 to record their self-titled debut. This was their debut recording was recorded and produced by Arik Victor (Kill Your Idols/ The Casualties) fame.

The band has shared the stage with some great punk hierarchy so far, with support slots for bands such as: D.I., The Business, The Dickies, Infa Riot, The Vibrators and Slaughter & The Dogs.

With the departure of Klein and Frankie The Droogettes have found a permanent addition in newest drummer Jamie and addition of new guitarist Elija.

These Oi! influenced ladies are currently recording for a split 7″ with Scotland’s External Menace on Rebel Sound Records and a 7″ on German label Shout Proud Records.


Tankus The Henge

Tankus The Henge

The world of Tankus the Henge is uplifting and wild, dark and heartfelt.  A six piece powerhouse of a band drawing visual and musical influences from old time Fairgrounds to modern day Circus; The Beatles to Tom Waits and Gogol Bordello to Radiohead, they embody a look and a sound that lies somewhere between their South East London home and the carnival town of New Orleans.

With their charismatic frontman, Jaz Delorean, looking like a lost character from a Terry Gilliam film and the pump and grind of the Tankus the Henge sound generating a groove that makes it impossible to stand still, their live show ebbs and flows like a small boat on a turbulent sea.

Any other band who billed themselves as “the most fantastic band in the world” would rightly quake in their boots at having to live up to such fanfare. Tankus the Henge defy you to contradict them!

Members: Jaz Delorean – Keys, Lead Vocals Tim Fulker – Guitar, Vocals Dan Mason – Bass, Vocals Will Stanley- Drums Jake Stoddart – Trumpet Louis Schultz-Wiremu – Sax

Who’s Gonna Catch Ya?

Cake Walk

Daveit Ferris

Daveit Ferris

Daveit Ferris is an Irish Musician/Songwriter/Producer/Poet.  He is currently locked away in his studio working on his most ambitious project to date – 365 SPARKS.  The project will see him release an original song every single day of 2015.

Since 2008, he has released six solo albums, two EP’s, two singles and published eight full-length poetry books.

This Is Your Captain Speaking

Top Of My Lungs

Viva Le Pink

Viva Le Pink

Viva Le Pink are a 6-piece London Rock and Roll band with a rockabilly led, swing-tipped country and western/R&B fusion – they sound like no other!

Missy Le Pink: Gretsch slingin’ hollerin’ frontlady Rufio Rodriguez: Lead guitar and Vocal King O Nuthin’
Lyn Boorer: Double Bass Boss
Wendy-Jayne Bridger: Mariachi Queen

Zed Hawthorne Trumpet – Sax appeal

Big Bad Al – Drums

Ain't Your Puppet


Under The Patio

Ross Harper & The 555s

Ross Harper & The 555s

In September 2013 Phil Sorrell saw Ross Harper play an acoustic set of his songs in a North London pub. Phil was impressed and asked Ross if he wanted to record a couple of them at his home studio, with Phil producing and playing the backing tracks.
Six months later, having gained a great friendship and discovered a like mindedness in musical taste and all things mod, the Harper written and Sorrell produced ‘Ross Harper’ album was finished.
An 11 song set of instantly classic rock/pop tunes with a mod slant, available to purchase from this page.
The next obvious step was to play the album live, so they drafted in Phil’s Daughter Izzy Sorrell, who had sang some backing vocals on the album, to play piano and sing harmonies and her music college colleague drummer Jake Stanton, and together with Dave Stokes, from ‘Not Dark Yet’, on bass the ‘555s’ were born!

Tired Eyes

Brassknuckle Boys

Brassknuckle Boys

The Brassknuckle Boys stormed on to the american punk scene back in 1998 and have since become internationally infamous as an iconic, intelligent but tough-as-nails punk band firmly in the grasp of street rock n roll fans worldwide while maintaining their own unique sound that is dripping with Americana. The lyrical integrity and introspection dished out by the Brassknuckle Boys is a rarity and will stop you cold in your tracks…

Christmas In Prison

The Fuzzbrats

The Fuzzbrats

5 Guys from Rotterdam, Holland playing punky grunge or grungy punk… grunk that is. But besides 3 chord punkrock there is Spanish and Arabic music, 5/4 rhythms and a song that lasts 32 seconds.

It wasn’t until 1995 when singer and frontman Okkie joined the band, when things really started to take off. After winning a band contest in their hometown they were asked to play support for Radiohead, who were promoting their The Bends album.

The Nighttown venue in Rotterdam was sold out, the gig went fantastic and backstage the band was enthusiastically complimented by Thom Yorke and his fellow bandmates.

The Fuzzbrats were noticed by a couple of people in the audience and they were asked to do a small tour in Germany while at the same time keyboard player Chill’n Steinas joined the band. The German tour turned out to be a big success and the brats were then invited to do a tour in Lithuania and Latvia, who were back then just a couple of years liberated from the Soviet Union. And The Fuzzbrats mastered the art of eating pig’s ears!

In the Baltic states, The Fuzzbrats were a big hit. They performed at the most important venues of both countries and footage and interviews were broadcasted on a couple of national TV stations.

After their return the band split due to circumstances caused by health issues. A couple of years later bass player Peter B. Thompson (aka The Butcher) was replaced by Mark van Schouwen and drummer High E. Thomas (Sons of Mogh) was replaced by Jacques de Haard (Garcia plays Kyuss, Celestial Season, Agua de Annique). The band however kept a low profile and only played a dozen or so gigs.

Since early 2013, the band has rejoined in the original line-up and is back with the same energy and fun that was present in their earlier years!

Freeze Your Fire

Rhoda Dakar

Rhoda Dakar

Rhoda Dakar, born in Hampstead, London, joined The Bodysnatchers in 1979. Their first single was a double A-side, “Let’s Do Rocksteady” backed with “Ruder Than You”. It reached # 22 in the UK Singles Chart.  The band were invited to appear on Top of the Pops, to tour with The Selecter and to record a session for BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel. Several members of the Bodysnatchers then left to form the Belle Stars.

Dakar also collaborated with The Specials. Her duet with Terry Hall, “I Can’t Stand It”, appeared on the album, More Specials. After The Specials announced their break up in 1981, Jerry Dammers formed a new band called The Special AKA, along with Dakar and John Bradbury. Their first single release, “The Boiler” reached # 35 in the UK Singles Chart in 1982.

Dakar performed on The Special AKA album, In the Studio, which featured the UK Top 10 hit single, “Free Nelson Mandela”. The album reached # 34 in the UK Albums Chart.

Easy Life

The Headhunters

The Headhunters

Male Piwko

Model Society

Model Society

Model Society are a London based 4 piece Mod/Punk band who have been described as a blend of Blur, Bloc party and Hard Fi with a nod to the nostalgia of Buzzcocks.

They will be showcasing two special dates in celebration of the single, an in-store show at prestigious Mod shop Sherry’s on Carnaby Street and Denmark Street’s small but intimate 12 Bar Club with a rich history dating back to the Stones and Pistols.

Building on the success of their last singles ‘Systematic’, ‘Horizons’, and picking up plays from BBC 6 Music, Steve Lamacq, Gary Crowley and a host of other stations globally, ‘Valentine’ see the band collaborating with producer Andrew Hunt (Executive Director of MPG.) Their unique sound is captured in under 3 minutes and tells the story of heartbreak, fate and hope and sees Danny and Steve sharing vocal duties in a subtle hint to the overtones of the Clash and The Libertines.

A heavy gigging schedule has seen them go from strength to strength with support slots for The Young Knives alongside shows at Bestival, The Great Escape, 02 and ending the summer with a rapturous performance, sharing a stage with Buzzcocks at Guilfest.

Tales of social commentary and everyday contemporary suburban life has seen Model Society described as the “John Motson of music” and sits nicely alongside their natural swagger and confidence, often best seen at a live show where they are developing a reputation as a “Must see band”.


The Destructors

The Destructors
Peterborough Punk Legends, The Destructors. Still Kill Musik!

X Mas Spirit

Trench City

Trench City

Spacey Rock Reggae fusion with a sweet beat.  Trench City is yin and yang, black and white male and female; sounds from all the colours of streetlife sung from the heart. Listen to our music,tell your friends, and let’s all go to Trench City.

Chasing all the Rainbows

Keyside Strike

Keyside Strike

A clutch of songs were gathering dust and there was no one else making the kind of racket that was needed to fill the ears of Stoney……
So a search of the locality dredged up some friends and a trawl around the North East began…… So far there’s been a few line up changes, due to any number of issues…It’s all normal at the end of the day. People get bored, lazy, tired, fall out in, fall in, get girlfriends, talk shit, play shit, fed up what ever…… The bus rolls on……..
If you like angry, interesting and musical ANGRY tunes you’ll like Keyside Strike.
Lyrics dealing with everything from modern day urban struggle, booze, on tour adventures, scene unity, folk tales, news headlines….. What ever comes to mind if it’s interesting it may get written about…….
Releases have been put out across the world including the sought after and highly collectable split 7″ with Iron Cross on Koi Records from Houston Texas, and an up coming split with RUST from Australia. As well as albums in their own right and numerous compilations on every continent! Plus an appearance on Skinhead Cross Culture the DVD. Out on Unified Pride in America and Sunny Bastards in Europe.
Gigs have been played across the UK, into Europe and America. Including stints at Nice N Sleazy Festival, Rebellion Festival and a bunch of punk all dayers. With a whole raft of name bands from The Business to Murphy’s Law, Street Dogs, UK Subs, Demented Are Go!, Discharge, Madball,English Dogs, Varukers, Billyclub, Rust (Ausie boot boys of the highest order, and the other half of the Olde Worlde -New World split ep!), our Detroit loon’s and fine fellas Koffin Kats, the list goes on and on….. plus our North East Brothers in Boots GIMP FIST obviously, and Bradford loons LOWLIFE UK (the previous outfit of Stoney’s still doing it for petrol money to great effin’ effect!)…….Not to mention their Psy-Core brothers in Arizona, DEMON CITY WRECKERS (Desolate Graves), Stitch Hopeless And The SEA LEGS, along with Fighting 48 and BRICKTOP!!!!!!

Stuff Your Xmas

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