Join The Huddle?

It's A Secret

I keep on coming across Litopians who say the same things:

I’d like to join a Huddle… but I’m too shy.”


I’d like to join a Huddle… but I don’t want to show my work to strangers.”


I’d like to join a Huddle… but it’s too cliquey.”

To which I scratch my head.

A lot of writers are indeed quite shy (perhaps that’s one reason we use the written word to communicate?).  But that’s no reason to avoid joining in a Huddle.  There’s no pressure to say anything.  You can just listen.  Or you can quietly type away in the private chat box.  It’s absolutely fine either way.

Showing your work in progress can indeed be daunting.  But in a Huddle, you’re among friends.  People who – like you – are developing their craft.  They’ll give you support, not disparagement.

And are we cliquey?  Well, I really hope not.  We’re secret, certainly. The strict rule is that nothing from a Huddle can be quoted externally, not even in the Colony.  This allows everyone (me included) to speak very freely.  Does that constitute a clique?

There’s only one way to find out… join us this Saturday!

All my best - Peter
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NB Huddles are free to all Full Members, but you must reserve your seat in advance