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Think Yourself to Death

Is the internet a concrete realization of Jung’s collective unconsciousDave Bartram believes it is, and tonight advances the argument that viral advertising on the net is effective precisely because of this deep psychic connection to the gestalt consciousness.

Indeed, it’s a show full of Big Ideas this evening – be careful you don’t think yourself to death (which coincidentally happens to be one of the titles in tonight’s Commissioning Meeting).  Publishing business legend Martyn Daniels is back to explode some myths about the much-lamented halcyon days of the Net Book Agreement – an era when book prices were set by publishers and price competition was banned by law.  Some say those days are about to return with the advent of the so-called “Agency Agreement” – pshaw, says Martyn – poppycock!

Marketing maven Jamie Mollart (who also happens to be the man behind Litopia’s award-winning Tweets – join our 9000+ followers here) heard Yann Martel speak at the Hay Festival about his attempt to bring some culture into the life of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper – every fortnight, Yann is sending him a book to read.  “I don’t want to be governed by someone who doesn’t think it is important to learn about what makes us human” says Yann… but will it work  – especially with a politician?

And Donna Ballman, whose recent book The WRITER’S GUIDE TO THE COURTROOM has just reached the finals of the Florida  Writers Association’s Royal Palm Literary Awards, wants to know what’s next after vampires.  Even Stephanie Meyer’s getting fed up writing about them – “I’m “really burned out on vampires” she says – yes, Stephanie, we do understand – just step away from the word processor right now.

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Other topics on tonight’s show include:

  • Horse boy is identified – we name names
  • Bus driver dumps mum and toddler for being noisy – why don’t airlines do the same?
  • What are you working on now that could be worth a fortune in years to come?
  • Human race set to be extinct within 100 years, so let’s party
  • Why it could be tiring for a human guy to have sex with a female vampire

This week’s titles for the Commissioning Meeting are:

“This is Klon Calling”
Walter J. Sheldon, 1917-

“Think Yourself to Death”
Stephen Marlowe, 1928-2008

“The Lost Art of Reading”
Gerald Stanley Lee, 1862-1944

“Talks on Manures:  A Series of Familiar and Practical Talks Between the
Author and the Deacon, the Doctor, and other Neighbors, on the Whole

Joseph Harris, 1828-1892

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