The Shop of Second Chances

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Author: Miriam Morrison
Genre: Romantic comedy
Everything in Alice’s charity shop gets a new lease of life – wedding dresses, books, hamster cages – and sometimes even people.
When Alice gets a hypercritical, hyper-ambitious new boss, her shop starts making a loss. Through a series of mishaps, misadventures and misunderstandings, Alice faces the threat of her beloved shop closing down.
Can she manage to save her shop and her band of eccentric, lovable volunteers? And even though she’s not looking for romance, will it find her?
About The Author:
Previously published with Arrow. Recipe for Disaster, based on my experiences of running a country inn in the Lake District, was shortlisted for the Melissa Nathan award in 2009. I have managed an Oxfam shop in London for 12 years and something silly happens there almost every day. The book is full of nuggets of delicious information about that mysterious place – the back room of a charity shop… Almost everything – the funny and the sad – has happened and of course I am perfectly placed for sequels…

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