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The Retrospectives

Sheffield's Finest Give Manchester's Mightiest A Run For Their Money

Garry’s live studio guests this month are The Retrospectives  Raised on 60s and 70s rock, punk and New Wave, this young Sheffield  duo are intent on bringing back powerful authentic pop to the UK music scene via heart-felt guitar solos, catchy tunes and an infectious passion for performance.

Originally formed by guitarist Tom Galton and bassist Will Stocks, the band began self-releasing material and gigging relentlessly – they played over 60 UK shows between March and July last year alone. The tours that followed saw them take to the stage supporting the likes of the Buzzcocks, From The Jam, Paper Aeroplanes, and The Boomtown Rats, as well as selling out Liverpool’s famed Cavern Club.

You can catch Will and Tom this summer all over the UK – check their website for details.

The Bad Engrish

The Bad Engrish

Fresh on the heels of their high energy performance at Midwest Live & Loud 2015 (along with bands like DDC, Fatskins, Patriot, Stars & Stripes and Slapshot) comes the official release of the new Bad Engrish LP!

The LP received an honorable mention in Pirates Press Record of the week blog for May 8th, 2015, which stated “Banned from clubs, the scourge of at least 6 of the 7 seas, BAD ENGRISH is coming at you with a long ago recorded but as of yet unreleased material. Yes, the same StreetPunk/Oi! band that has been blasting your ear drums for a half dozen years. This long lost album is coming at you courtesy of REBEL SOUND MUSIC, can be had in either a ‘Blood Red’ with ‘Black’ splatter version, the more limited ‘White’ with ‘Red(ish)’ and ‘Black’ splatter, or the super limited solid Black version. Catch BAD ENGRISH running around this fall or make your way to the REBEL SOUND web site…”

If you like bands such as Cobra, Tower Blocks, Oxymoron and The Adicts, grab this record now and get ready to pogo!

No Passing Trend

The Senton Bombs

The Senton Bombs

A hard rock & roll band from Blackpool, England. Formed in 2004, they have released three studio albums to widespread critical acclaim with a highly anticipated 4th album due for release in 2015.

The Bombs style combines a variety of influences producing a hybrid rock sound, overlapping many genres. Fret-melting guitar-work, heavy beats and infectious vocal melodies have become a hallmarks of the Bombs music. A ceaseless gig schedule and a continuous stream of quality new material has earned the band an ever-growing army of followers, as well as near unanimous praise within the music industry.

“A hard-rocking, beer-swilling, floor filling, sh*t-kicking slice of rock.”
Tony Wilson, Total Rock

“A mix of the Ramones and the Almighty with a fair dash of Guns N Roses (when they were good), a quality of slice of hard rock that is gritty yet melodic.”
Alan Holloway, Rocktopia

Lights Over Phoenix

Alias Kid

Alias Kid

Only six months after forming, Manchester band Alias Kid were signed to 359 Music by industry mogul Alan McGee. The band fuses 60’s style anthems with an eclectic mix of influences from the 1970’s to the present day, creating a sound that is at once familiar and yet still unique.
Alias Kid have recently joined the roster of the iconic Creation Management, home to The Jesus and Mary Chain andWilko Johnson. The band recorded their debut album in The Gorbals Sound Ltd Studios in Glasgow with Paul Quinn (Teenage Fanclub/Soup Dragons) and Kevin Burleigh (Glasvegas/Simple Minds).
In under a year as a band, Alias Kid have risen from obscurity to headline shows in Manchester and Liverpool, secured national airplay on XFM and have won plaudits from those within the music industry, many of whom are touting Alias Kid for huge success in 2015.

Zara Henna

Revolution Sometime

The Selecter

The Selecter

Since re-forming a half-decade ago, The Selecter have become increasingly aware that their championing of 2-Tone, Ska, Reggae & Soul is firmly rooted outside of today’s mainstream genres.

Despite this, with over 110,000 Facebook fans and tens of thousands more across other networks, The Selecter’s following is worldwide and enduring. They remain figureheads for Skinheads, Mods, Punks, Northern-Soulers, Rude Boys & Girls and the many other groups who define themselves at variance with the status quo.

Led by their iconic frontwoman Pauline Black, whose recent series of shows on BBC 6Music were hugely well received, and whose book ‘Black By Design’ continues to sell in droves worldwide, The Selecter have headlined hundreds of gigs, played Glastonbury, Isle Of Wight & Coachella festivals amongst hundreds more, and performed extensively across Europe, USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

Box Fresh

Christine 'Sugary Staple'

Christine 'Sugary Staple'

Christine SUGARY Staple has been involved in the music, theatre, events and filming industry since her childhood (attending Anna Scher’s Theatre Group, Hoxton Hall and others) and is currently working on a number of music projects and events, including Skamouth Weekender (with ska colleague Tom Fahy), UK gigs, music websites and various festivals. In the last 10 years she has been in a variety of UK films, including a leading role in Jingle Blues, Jingle Bells (Directed by Sylvester Williams – Eastenders, Bullet Boy) and a short biography film about her life called ‘Life in Hackney with Christine’ (see video page), by Belinda Harman (, plus many others. She has been singing (including backing) for various ska, reggae and punk bands, including the Neville Staple Band, a US funk band, a Jamaican artist, radio jingles and the Noxious Toys (under the Skarettes name tag).

Ska to the Beat

Dirty Little Liar

The Droogettes

The Droogettes

The Droogettes were formed by Philadelphia area based musicians: Rachel Starlett, Frankie and Jen Reiling in the fall of 2012. This trio was joined by drummer Tina Klein in February 2013 after auditioning numerous drummers.

The Droogettes vision was clear from their earliest conception, to provide the Punk and Oi! movement with an all-female alternative to a scene that is mostly dominated by males.

Taking the song by 7 Seconds “Not Just Boys Fun” literally, these girls wanted to provide a voice, not just for a generation, but with a female’s outlook and perception.

Taking their image from a clockwork orange theme, these girls play Punk & Oi! influenced by bands like The Business, The Oppressed, Blitz and Cock Sparrer .

After catching the eye of local independent Philadelphia label Creep Records, the band hit the studio in July 2013 to record their self-titled debut. This was their debut recording was recorded and produced by Arik Victor (Kill Your Idols/ The Casualties) fame and is scheduled for world-wide release on August 26th 2014. A video for the song “We Don’t Love You” was filmed and released by Jeremy Ginsberg as a promotional vehicle for the CD on Creep Records.

The band has shared the stage with some great punk hierarchy so far, with support slots for bands such as: D.I., The Business, The Dickies, Infa Riot, The Vibrators and Slaughter & The Dogs.

With the departure of Klein and Frankie The Droogettes have found a permanent addition in newest drummer Jamie and addition of new guitarist Elija.

These Oi! influenced ladies are currently recording for a split 7″ with Scotland’s External Menace on Rebel Sound Records and a 7″ on German label Shout Proud Records.

The Droogettes are out to prove they can rock as well as their male peers.

Antifa Roller Skating

The Retrospectives

The Retrospectives

From the British invasion bands of the 60’s to the punk and new wave of the 70’s, The Retrospectives were raised on the music of their parents.

Inspired by the likes of Elvis Costello, The Rolling Stones and Tom Petty, this energetic three-piece have spent the last two years touring relentlessly, driven by a belief that guitars still have a vital place in popular music.

Sheffield has long been home to one of the country’s most vibrant music scenes and named by Q Magazine as one of the city’s top 5 bands to watch, The Retrospectives are now at the forefront.

Following the addition of Paul Jackson on drums, 2013 was their biggest year to date. The release of their new EP ‘Turn Me Up’ saw them take to the stage supporting The Boomtown Rats, Night Engine and Paper Aeroplanes, as well as opening for Bruce Foxton’s ‘From The Jam’ at a sold out show at the famous Cavern Club In Liverpool.

Described by Stereoboard as ‘Songwriters with an ability to combine lyrics and melody with rare precision’ and having landed themselves a place in BBC Introducing Sheffield’s top ten tracks of the year, it’s clear their hook-laden, off-kilter, power-pop is starting to turn heads in the right places. After kicking off the new year with another ‘From The Jam’ support slot (this time at ABC in Glasgow), The Retrospectives are gearing up to make a massive impact in 2014 and with a single release, headline tour and a support slot with The Buzzcocks already in place, it’s set to be an exciting year.

Don't Believe You

Bitter Sweet

Foreign Legion

Foreign Legion from Wales was formed in 1984 out of the ashes of Dead On Arrival (est 1983). Despite various lineup changes, the band always kept it’s own sound and style. Although coming from an Oi! background, the band always used Iots of punk rock influences which resulted in a style which will appeal to fans of bands like the Angelic Upstarts, Menace and of course the Clash.

During the band’s thirty years of existence, they released four full-lengths including the album What Goes Around Comes Around, which was produced by Mick Jones from The Clash. Furthermore, the band released a split album with their friends from Major Accident, and have appeared on numerous split EP’s and compilations.

So far the band has played in 15 different countries, and they are the only Welsh band to ever play at the legendary CBGB’s in New York.

Despite this track record, slowing down was never an option for the boys. In recent years, the band has shared the stage with the Cockney Rejects, Guitar Gangsters, Control, The Warriors, GBH. The Ruts, Stiff Little Fingers and many more. Also the band has performed at festivals such as Back On The Streets, Punk & Disorderly (both 2013) and the Rebellion Festival.

Nowhere Left To Hide

Fiction Nation

Fiction Nation

We’re a three-piece band from Los Angeles. More alternative than Alternative, but not as grunge-y as Grunge. We recorded an EP in 2014 entitled “Used” and we’re gearing up for an album later this year. We decided to shoot a music video for our second song off our EP “Playground” which we released on June 20th 2015… we’re pretty excited about it.


Virgin Whores

Virgin Whores

The virgin whores are a punk rock band based out of the twin cities.

Locked & Loaded

David Sinclair Four

David Sinclair Four

Respected critic, raconteur, journalist, musician and gentleman about London, David Sinclair has leapt over the guest list rope and invaded the stage with three fellow classic rock musicians to form David Sinclair Four. The result? An album dripping with swagger and embracing the capital’s culture to such a degree, it should be delivered via a Routemaster.

With one foot in the blues and the other striding through the modern musical metropolis, London singer-songwriter David Sinclair has released the critically-applauded albums Hey, Threewheeling and Take Me There. Now comes 4, released on Critical Discs/IRL on May 11. Featuring contributions from harmonica man Paul Jones, lovers rock legend Maxi Priest, and Scottish jazz singer Lorna Reid, it is his most storied collection of songs yet.

Combining dry, lyrical wit with a hard-hitting brand of rock’n’roll, Sinclair’s group has built a formidable reputation as a live attraction, sharing stages with Wilko Johnson, the Oli Brown Band, Marcus Bonfanti, Johnny Dowd, Graham Bonnet, Willie Nile (UK Tour 2013) and many others.

Sick of Being Good

Brass Tacks

Addicted to Violence

The Shame

The Shame are 3 old-school Tulsa punk veterans, coming together to play punk rock, drink beer and watch football… (futbol). And to sing about those things. If they can get some free beer in the bargain, then so be it!

They have played with bands like the Queers and Downtown Struts, and at the Midwest Live And Loud Fest with Noi!se, Bishops Green, The Templars, Fatskins, Concrete, Those Unknown and more.

They have previously released a full length CD and a 7″ EP and will be following up this split EP with another 4-song EP of their own later this year.

Crossing The Line

The Moment

The Moment

The Moment were among the leading bands of the 1980s UK mod revival, described retrospectively by Paul Moody of the NME as “English pop music’s greatest ever secret”.
Formed in Haverhill, Suffolk, in 1983, The Moment were fronted by the singer-songwriter, Adrian Holder, releasing a series of singles, including “In This Town” (1984), “One, Two They Fly” (1985) and “Ready To Fall” (1988). They released one album, The Work Gets Done, in 1985. “Sticks And Stones”, a track released on the Countdown compilation album in 1986, saw The Moment described by British music paper Melody Maker as sounding “like The Jam wanting to be The Clash”. While their influences did indeed include the best of British mod and punk, they also drew their inspiration from The Beatles, northern soul and classic rock.
They toured extensively in Germany, where they maintained a strong cult following until their split in 1990. All of their vinyl recordings, and their unreleased final single, were collected together and issued as, Mod Gods: The Best Of The Moment by Tangerine Records in 1996.
The Moment worked with several record producers during their career. Cult musicians Paul Bevoir and Edward Ball shared the production duties on the album The Work Gets Done (Rave, 1985). Paul Bultitude was responsible for “Poor Mr Diamond” (Big Stuff, 1988), while “Sticks And Stones” (Countdown, 1986) was produced by Pat Collier and Will Birch. Their later material was in the hands of Ian
Shaw, who also engineered all their recordings from 1985 onwards.

The Only Truth is Music

The Gonads

The Gonads

Oi, mate! The Gonads are a beery good time street-punk band. They play punk, Oi, Ska and drinking songs and are as down to earth as a Deptford sidewalk.

Singer Gal Gonad formed the band in 1977, inspired by the Ramones, The Clash, Ian Dury, Tighten Up reggae and Monty Python. But the original line-up never played outside of Charlton (London SE7) and broke up after releasing just one single.

Gal reformed the band in 1980 notching up an Indie chart smash hit with ‘I Lost My Love To A UK Sub’ and spent the next five years writing much-loved streetpunk classics such as ‘Jobs Not Jails’, ‘The Joys Of Oi’ and ‘Tucker’s Ruckers Ain’t No Suckers.’

The Gonads have been gigging regularly since 1994 ever since playing France, Germany, Sweden, the USA and all over the UK. 38 years after they first formed, the band are still going strong. They have just released their twelfth studio album, Greater Hits Volume 3 ‘The Complete Cobblers’ Nuts’ and play Rebellion in August.

Although they are a party band, the Gonads also address serious issues such as the death of Ian Tomlinson and individual liberties. They have been called the first Oi-Tone band because they combine elements of Oi and 2-Tone. Crowd favourite songs include ‘Grant Mitchell’, ‘Alconaut’, ‘Oi Mate’ and ‘Charlton Boys.’

Made In London

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