The Longest Spring

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Author: Pete Sherrard
Genre: Historical fiction
March 1916.

Second Lieutenant Alex Ryan is excited to join his battalion in the front-line trenches of Northern France. But excitement turns to horror when he accidentally kills his commanding officer.

His mentor, the famous war hero, Captain Eden, convinces Alex that he’ll be shot unless they cover up his terrible mistake.

But Eden has secrets too, and when a boy-soldier sees something that could destroy Eden’s reputation, the cost of keeping secrets becomes more than Alex could imagine…

About The Author:
As a photographer, I’ve been working on the outside of other people’s books for over twenty years, and thought it time I had a go at the inside of one.

I have a passion for research and history and a familial connection with the first world war, so knew this would be the place to start.

I’m currently travelling around the northern hemisphere in a campervan, with a girl, a baby and a three legged dog.

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