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The E-Book In The Library

The E-Book In The Library

It’s the debate that is well overdue. The issue over how libraries should loan e- books is generating noise all over. The discussion has laid bare the real allegiances across the trade, as it impacts on all parts—-booksellers, publishers, authors, and of course librarians. Consensus has broken down, with some calling for librarians to simply circumvent publishers and digitize books direct. It’s a mess: a job for The Naked Book.

With host Philip Jones were…

Peter Brantley, director at the not-for-profit library The Internet Archive. Brantley has advised libraries to go direct to authors. with a campaign slogan “Say yes to your library!”.

CILIP president Phil Bradley, whose blood has been up recently over the suggestion that libraries could charge for e-book loan.

*  Stephanie Duncan, digital director of the Bloomsbury Group, who is responsible for Public Library Online: an initiative that gets around some of these issues by using a licensing model.

*  And finally, Tim Coates, founder of Bilbary (or ‘library’ mispelt), who is offering an alternative solution, that could see libraries or patrons pay for each book rented.

We also have a special report from Sweden, where the Library Association recently bought a full page ad in the main national newspaper, showing a big fat guy in a suit smoking a cigar that read “Say hello to your next librarian”.

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