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Peter Cox

The Best Track Of The Year

And The Winner Is...

What a brilliant year for street music! Our Best-of-the-Year show could easily have been twice as long… but we had to cut it down to twenty stunning tracks, all of which you can sample tonight in the company of Garry’s two highly-opinionated panellists, Shona Wattsie Watts and Jonny Wah Wah.

We’re here to support indie music and musicians. So please – if you like our artists as much as we do – buy their tracks. Go and see them live. And… spread the word about The Hungry and the Hunted… it’s going to be another vintage year!

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Alias Kid

Alias Kid

Hailing from Manchester, Alias Kid are fronted by Maz Behdjet and Sean O’Donnell. The band fuses 60s style anthems with an eclectic mix of influences from the 1970s to the present day to create a sound that is at once familiar and yet still unique. John Robb: “Alias Kid are a band who aren’t going to get invited to the party, but they are going to go anyway and they’ll have the best time there.” Paul Quinn: “The time is politically right for a band like Alias Kid. They are the band that kids on the street or in housing schemes can look at and say, ‘We can do that’.”

Dirty Soul

Iron Chin

Iron Chin

A relatively new band comprised of veteran musicians from the New England punk scene, the most notable being Joel Paul of the Uprisers and Dan Connors of The Bruisers!

Live Free Or Die

The Amphetameanies

The Amphetameanies

The Amphetameanies played their first gig together in 1997, an unlikely alliance of Glaswegian scooter boys, punker girls and indie kids, united by a common love of 2Tone and a desire to make people dance.

On that first night, a pub pipedream became runaway reality, and by 1999, the ‘Meanies were opening the main stage of T in the Park with a set of their own songs, while no less than Joe Strummer stood in the wings cheering them on.

To date, there’s been eight singles on 7″ vinyl and two long-players on CD and vinyl. Their first, ‘Right Line in Nylons’, was a fast and furious collision of ska beats, wonky melodies and colourful language, earning plays on Radio One and rave reviews in likes of Kerrang and Scootering Magazine.

Their second LP, ‘Now! That’s What I Call…The Amphetameanies’, saw the songwriting go up a notch, as their punky scratch was tempered with pop sensibility and playful lyricism, although still peppered with gratuitous swearing.

BBC DJs Mark Lamarr, Phil Jupitus and Vic Galloway seized on the album’s single releases, and rash reviewers dared to draw comparisons with Blondie, Dexys… and Madness.

Most importantly, after 18 years, a thousand sweaty nights and a million drinks, the various boys and girls who have been, are, and will forever be The Amphetameanies, are all still friends.

The Wrong One

The Spitfires

The Spitfires

The Spitfires hail from Watford and have been writing and gigging since 2012. The band is led by archetypal front-man Billy Sullivan, spitting real lyrics based on real experiences of growing up in Watford over classically written pop songs.

The Spitfires have previously released three critically acclaimed singles (Spark to Start, Tell Me and I’m Holdin’ On) and gigged extensively at home and abroad. They have made fans new and old alike immerse themselves in the raucous and electric live show the band spit off of the stage. This incredible live reputation has led them to previously support The Specials at London’s iconic Roundhouse and to being personally invited by Paul Weller to support him in on his UK tour in March.

‘Stand Down’ was recorded at CDS Studios in Chelmsford, produced by Tom Pullen, and mastered at the iconic Abbey Road Studios. The track bundles into three minutes, Billy’s outlook on further education as being the be all and end all of a 21st century teenager’s life.

Stand Down

Loaded 44

Loaded 44

The ass-shakin’ punk rock band from the North East of England….  With a sound that has been compared to “Blondie meets the Ramones”,  Loaded 44 will blow you away with their dynamic live shows, featuring ex Lurkers & Steve from The Angelic Upstarts.


The Graveltones

The Graveltones

With their Lyrics being compared to Dylan, riffs to Rage Against The Machine, vocals to Howling Wolf and beats to Bonham it’s easy to see why The Graveltones have stirred up so much noise of late. An easily identifiable original sound.

World on a String

X-Ray Junction

X-Ray Junction

…Band from Wild hills of Mid-Wales,X-ray Junction first formed as teenagers,in the mid 80’s,but with no wisdom,Tim the singer moved away to Brighton,and the band split…After years of little,or no contact,Tim found himself,moving back to them hills…met up with the lads,in May 2013,and reformed the band…Now,going from strength to strength,X-ray Junction,are banging out some amazing tunes… History is in the making….

Lost & Found

The Featherz

The Featherz

Championed and promoted on Davidbowie.com and Bowie’s official Facebook page. Boy George support band for ‘This Is What I Do’ U.K Tour.

“By the time The Feathers hit the stage, the number of festival goers had increased massively and lead vocal/guitarist Danie Cox upped the anti-authority banter to set the tone for the evening. She coaxed the audience to shout ‘Fuck you security guards’ and storm the stage, before playing the shock card by exclaiming ‘I’m a bit frustrated and have been on my period for a bit now, so all get together and start having sex!’. This lead into the punchy finale of When was the last time you had sex?. The audience was hyped as bold, attention loving Danie completed her ‘performance’ with orgasmic moans and writhing against the microphone stand.
Following The Feathers was no easy task….”

Lion's Law

Lion's Law

Lion’s Law are a five-piece streetpunk band from Paris. They started playing three years ago are now signed to the MAD tour agency.

Shotgun House

Shotgun House

Shotgun House deliver down and dirty heartfelt passionate rock rhythm and blues…  “A voice like diamonds soaked in JD, blazing riffs over a powerhouse rhythm section and a few restraining orders….” Passionately unique…but with hints and influences of Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, Nina Simone, Rival Sons, Peter Green, Judy Garland and Jeff Buckley…

“…Dominique Olliver has a voice and performance unmatched by many…and the band are equally as awesome. If you are a promoter  you really do need to get on and book this band whilst you can coz for my money they are fresh, awesome and kick ass..” (Jennie Matthias)

Hollow Prize

Ming City Rockers

Ming City Rockers
Ming City Rockers hail from the place so bad they put it next to Grimsby. It’s not that time forgot it; time never knew it was there.
Huw Stephens of Radio 1 recently said “Ming City R*ckers are the best rock ‘n’ roll band ever to come out of Immingham” and he could well be right.
There’s 4 of them. They like 3 chords. 2 they like better.What’s wrong with this world can be put right with Ming City R*ckers. It’s a revolution, it’s a revulsion of what we’ve become, it’s all it takes to make things right.
Ming City R*ckers… Riot Rock Ruination.

I Wanna Get Out Of Here But I Can’t Take You Anywhere

The Senton Bombs

The Senton Bombs

The Senton Bombs are a hard rock band from Blackpool in the UK. Regulars on the live-circuit, they have amassed a number of admirers of their high octane live shows, explosive recordings and distinct rock sound.

“Imagine the melodic energy of ‘Aerosmith’ combined with the sneering audacity of ‘ The Clash’ to get an idea of this band’s output.”
Neil Mach – Metal Is Religion

Lights Over Phoenix

Christine Sugary Staple

Christine Sugary Staple

Original Rudegirl Christine Sugary Staple, from London’s East End meets the Original Rudeboy, Neville Staple from Coventry and the Specials!

Mix Sugary’s energetic, fun song writing and vocals with Neville’s neat production skills (and guest vocals) and you have a rude, stomping party hit song!

Original Rudegirl Sound

Garry Johnson

Garry Johnson

Garry Johnson was one of the new breed of angry working class poets who came to prominence in the 1980s.  Stone Roses manager in the 1980s and ‘punk poet’ today, Garry is passionate about his music and politics.

Stone Roses legend Ian Brown says of his former manager: “We often stayed at his house. Garry was a like-minded soul, he always wanted to be in a band, that was his whole thing, he’d put on The Small Faces Lazy Sunday or the Pistols Anarchy In The UK and sing along to it. He was a bit of a party animal but also a rebel with a social conscience.

“It was thanks to Garry that we got our first piece of national press. I sent him a tape, he loved it, and came up to Manchester to interview us. Garry predicted we’d be massive and started a one-man campaign to get us noticed.

“He launched our career and as they say the rest is history.”


Young Offenders

Young Offenders

Young Offenders recently supported Californian punk icons The Dead Kennedys on their 2014 Australian tour to which they got great reviews…

“Opening act Young Offenders hit the stage around 8PM. Emerging band on the Adelaide music scene; but suitably seasoned and shit-sharp: in a snot-nosed, spring-loaded, blisteringly punk live performance that very much holds its own. In a sound? Think a cross between The Clash, The Ramones, Green Day, perhaps a dash of The Specials and The Living End.

Songs are suitably varied, inspired and frequently rife with uber-catchy/shouty choruses. And by the looks of the enthusiastic crowd flailing up front ever more energetically towards the end of their set? They might just have won some new fans here too.”

… TheDwarf.com.au

Broken Record

Millie Manders

Millie Manders

Hailing from South London, born in Chertsey and raised in Lowestoft, Punk-Pop singer songwriter Millie Manders has had her fair share of shuffling about before landing on her feet.

Incorporating this with a sassy social consciousness, Millie creates cross-genre punk that is hard to ignore. With lyricism that pokes fun, draws you in or leaves you questioning social norms teamed with incredible vocal dexterity, grinding guitars, irresistible horn hooks and a pumping rhythm section, the Millie Manders Music Machine churns out more raw punk fusion than you can shake a stick at, and she won’t be fading into the background of anyone’s memory any time soon.

“If you see her name on gig flyers around the UK, go and check her out … She’s a great artist, and one to watch” – Matt Stocks, “The Punk Show” Team Rock Radio / Metal Hammer / Classic Rock


The Cundeez

The Cundeez

The Cundeez are a band hailing from the streets of Dundee and bring a totally unique, fresh and exciting sound to the world music scene.

The words are unashamedly performed in the raw Dundee dialect and combine punching guitars, pounding drums and occasional bagpipes to produce a sound free from the shackles of genre……… The Oary Rock is coming!….”


Vita & the Vicious

Vita & the Vicious
A six piece London-based pop/rock band, fronted by feisty redhead Vita Ross. Vita and the Vicious have a mission: to create music that is gutsy and aggressive, but also catchy, melodic and FUN. It’s all about LIVE.
The biggest high for the band is when crowds at gigs sing along. It means something must be working. On stage the band is vivacious, full throttle, and powered by muscle, swagger and adrenaline. Music snobbery has no place in their world – no style-over-substance wanky nonsense please.


All The King's Men

All The King's Men

All The King’s Men are a three-piece rock’n’roll band from Moston in Manchester. Formed by childhood friends Matthew Holland and Tino Caine claim influences as diverse as Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and The Doors and have a knack for writing melodic tunes that make them stand out from their peers.

Their new three track e.p. ‘Making My Escape’ is available for download now.


The Bad Engrish

The Bad Engrish

Fresh on the heels of their high energy performance at Midwest Live & Loud 2015 (along with bands like DDC, Fatskins, Patriot, Stars & Stripes and Slapshot) comes the official release of the new Bad Engrish LP!

The LP received an honorable mention in Pirates Press Record of the week blog for May 8th, 2015, which stated “Banned from clubs, the scourge of at least 6 of the 7 seas, BAD ENGRISH is coming at you with a long ago recorded but as of yet unreleased material. Yes, the same StreetPunk/Oi! band that has been blasting your ear drums for a half dozen years. This long lost album is coming at you courtesy of REBEL SOUND MUSIC, can be had in either a ‘Blood Red’ with ‘Black’ splatter version, the more limited ‘White’ with ‘Red(ish)’ and ‘Black’ splatter, or the super limited solid Black version. Catch BAD ENGRISH running around this fall or make your way to the REBEL SOUND web site…”

If you like bands such as Cobra, Tower Blocks, Oxymoron and The Adicts, grab this record now and get ready to pogo!

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