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Tête à tête with Faber’s Stephen Page

The illuminati of the book business

Tête à tête with Faber's Stephen Page

Having scaled the walls of Faber’s well-manicured garden eleven years ago, Faber chief executive Stephen Page found himself in the broadcast hot-seat, sandwiched between Naked Bookers Philip Jones and Sam Missingham.

This show is the first in an occasional series of tête à têtes, devoted to  the illuminati of the book business.

Page, who joined Faber via feisty indie Fourth Estate and HarperCollins, admitted that even back then, he never expected “an environment such as we have now”. E-books on the march, “Cats” a distant memory, and Faber a publisher of poetry — as an app.

Page talks about the 20p e-book, library e-book lending, why he loathes the term enhanced e-book, and how to put the ‘P’ into publishing.

Page also revealed what keeps him awake at night – and no, it isn’t The Naked Book. Not yet anyway.

As one listener tweeted:

Chris McVeigh ‏@4fifty1

Hard not to like @stephenpub aint it? #NakedBook

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