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I Threw My P-book And Broke My Wii!

Could publishers be about to unveil a “subscription” model for reading?  You know, like Spotify for music – or Netflix for movies?  Would it work – and crucially, what chance would long-suffering authors have of making any money?  With us tonight is leading publisher Simon Flynn of Icon Books – to spill the beans.  Also, […]

£1 Books – Fleecing The Writer Or Flogging A Dead Sheep?

Why are authors so angry with publishers?  Why is Asda – the UK’s arm of Walmart – killing bookselling?  Why don’t we learn from the newspaper business? And… why don’t we shoot armadillos? Lots of great questions – and not a few good answers from tonight’s high-octane panel – Martyn Daniels, Nic Alderton , Donna […]