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The Sexual Shenanigans of Sherlock Holmes

Allegedly, they made love every Tuesday, like clockwork. They would sing and dance all night long. Chinese foot binding comes into it, too. Not one of Holmes’s more outré cases – but in fact, a real-life legal drama – which is what The Debriefer is all about!  Presented from Florida by leading lawyer Donna Ballman […]

Harry Potter and the Unmarried Mother

We’re back! With more stories, more opinion and even more insight into that murky confluence that lies somewhere between the edge of publishing and the beginning of matters legal.  Big stories this show are: Sherlock Holmes is definitely in the public domain, judge rules Warning Drivers Of Speed Traps With Flashing Headlights Is Free Speech […]

The Man Behind Sherlock Holmes

What with Benedict Cumberbatch’s radical television interpretation of Sherlock Holmes, and the recent big-screen Guy Ritchie / Robert Downey / Jude Law action movies, the Baker Street seven per-center is enjoying a major revival of interest. How appropriate, then, that the master scriptwriter of the entire Holmes canon should join us for tonight’s Litopia After […]