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The Slog: Exposing Weapons of Mass Distraction

Our guest tonight is a former high-flying advertising maven who today runs one of the most wildly popular non-aligned political blogs on the ‘net – The Slog.  Blogger John Ward can give much of mainstream a run for their money: tackling subjects that are mostly off their radar, or too “sensitive” for them to even […]

There’s A Hole In My Sock Puppet

This week The Naked Book interviewed puppet hunter extraordinaire the thriller writer Jeremy Duns. Duns exposed crime-writer R J Ellory last week, and he has been seeking the truth about Stephen Leather’s anonymous accounts and activities since Harrogate. But who is he? And why does he do it? Most importantly, how does he find the […]

Papyrus to Pixels

We love to talk about story here on Litopia After Dark – and in particular, the impact that new media is having on its development, production and consumption.  Are we entering a Promised Land full of storytelling richness, fuelled by ubiquitous multimedia devices – or is this merely the beginning of a new Dark Age, […]