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The Sexual Shenanigans of Sherlock Holmes

Allegedly, they made love every Tuesday, like clockwork. They would sing and dance all night long. Chinese foot binding comes into it, too. Not one of Holmes’s more outré cases – but in fact, a real-life legal drama – which is what The Debriefer is all about!  Presented from Florida by leading lawyer Donna Ballman […]

How To Negotiate With A Publisher

A setback for authors who want to reclaim their e-book rights from publishers; Peter reveals one of his negotiating techniques; and someone in South Carolina has the world’s most highly-tuned Gaydar!  Presented from Florida by leading lawyer Donna Ballman and from London by literary agent Peter Cox. Links to stories mentioned in this show: Judge […]

Seth Godin: The New Face Of Publishing

There are some people who just get what’s going on: faster, more accurately, and more cogently than the rest of us.  Seth Godin is one of those people.  A legend on the ‘net, Seth authored the most popular e-book ever written (“Unleashing The Idea Virus”) and commands speaker’s fees that run into telephone numbers. For […]