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Fighting Dirty

A blogger who described a model as a “skank”, an “old hag” and a “psychotic lying whore” plans to sue Google for $18 million after they were forced to reveal her identity following a court order.  On today’s Write Report with Donna, we’re looking at the complexities of this case –  and the extremely nasty […]

BookMooch Saves Publishing

If serial internet entrepreneur John Buckman had never visited Norwich, UK, while pursuing his interest in constructing  lutes…  then BookMooch might never have happened.  In fact, he did – and BookMooch is now one of the biggest sources of books (of absolutely all shapes, sizes and descriptions) on the planet.  We’re talking to John today, […]

The Last Catalog

Non-fiction publishing has been the hardest-hit of all publishing sectors by the advent of the internet: not many books in this area have been able to withstand the impact of free, up-to-date information that the web provides.  This has disastrous news for countless authors, publishers, printers and everyone else employed in the business – but […]

Put The Writer In the Box

Taking a welcome break from the Scribd story that we first broke on LITOPIA AFTER DARK nearly ten days ago, we’re again talking to highly-acclaimed British author Geoff Dyer (the Daily Telegraph calls  him “the best living writer in Britain”) whose fourth novel Jeff in Venice, Death in Varanasi is published this week.  Today we’re […]