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The Great Amazon Debate

In 1994, Jeffrey Preston Bezos left his Wall Street job to found an internet based company in his garage. The ‘bookseller’ known as Amazon sold its first book one year later.  Amazon may have marketed itself as “the world’s largest bookstore”, but its logo–an arrow leading from A to Z–was a clear indicator that its […]

Here Comes Your Monster Lawsuit!

The Google Book Settlement has been abandoned – but like some monstrous zombie rising from the dead, the litigation continues.  Attorneys for the Authors Guild have filed a motion for class certification, the first step towards a ruling that might decide whether Google’s book scanning amounts to copyright theft. Also – when is a blogger […]

Julian Assange, The Unauthorised Biography

He’s the quintessential international man of mystery: Julian Assange has surprised the world again by (a) suddenly and secretly publishing his autobiography, and (b) immediately denouncing it and his publishers, Canongate! What happens under these circumstances? Listen to the latest Debriefer to find out… Presented by Donna Ballman with Peter Cox. Download the show as […]

Love & The Law Go Hand In Hand

Former President Jimmy Carter is sued by a pro-Israel group for writing a book they don’t like, with serious implications for all writers… how e-book royalty rates are screwing authors…  an under-the-table copyright grab by a major publisher… and on this Valentine’s day, how the law affects romance writing! Download the show as mp3 file […]