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How to Get In Bed with Your Favorite Author

It’s great to be back with a new format and brilliant new guests… including David Whitehouse, whose first book BED is published this week and is getting stellar reviews (“Staggering, inventive and heartbreakingly beautiful” – Esquire) and the impossibly-talented Philippa Ballantine, whose speculative fiction books (e.g. GEIST) are too numerous to mention! Picture by Kaptain […]

Cows, Colons & Kids

Ever bought a book because of Twitter?  Apparently, many people do… Tweets are becoming the hot new way to tout your tomes… and that Anne Robinson – is she really as horrible as she seems on TV?  We have one man who knows!  It’s a brilliantly gossipy panel tonight, featuring Colin Mulhern whose first YA […]

Haggisgate: Large Hard-on Collides With Bush

Do you really miss George Bush?  To the extent that you’d part with your hard-earned cash for his insipid autobiography?  And what about all those Brits who apparently made Tony Blair’s appalling self-hagiography a bestseller… how come you never meet anyone who admits to buying it?  Tonight, our much-loved New York therapist Dr. Susan O’Doherty […]

Who Blew My Cover?

Book covers are always fraught subjects.  Should the author have cover approval – or should it be a decision for the marketing folk – it is, after all, part of the packaging.  Our special guest Philippa Ballantine (checking in from New Zealand, where it’s barely seven o’clock in the morning) has some decided views on […]

Litopia Wins!

Last night, Litopia won the very first Golden Twit Award for Writing.  We are immensely proud of our Chief Twitterer, Jamie Mollart, for masterminding our success. Follow the evening as it develops on today’s extended show.  And of course, lots more inside the Colony! Photo by Andrew Gillman