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Apocalypse BBC

The BBC has provided the world – yes, the world – with outstanding radio drama for 75 years.  Yet as of the 1st of April 2011, the BBC’s World Service Radio Drama department is being completely axed – and shockingly, the BBC World Service will no longer broadcast any regular drama. This essential betrayal of […]

Writing On Rails

The tsunami of advice and self-help books courses, seminars and retreats is one of the few boom areas in the publishing business at the moment – each time an editor is made redundant, they either become an agent, or set themselves up as book doctors.  Dave Bartram finds all this onanistic self-regard deeply disturbing (are […]

Siberian Education

Meet Nicolai Lilin – the last of a small and tight-knit community of what he terms ‘honest criminals’.  Orinigally from Siberia, but deported to Transnistria – an uncreognised and self-proclaimed republic – by Stalin, the ‘Urkas’ are an insular fraternity: distrustful of outsiders and violently opposed to any authority. A huge bestseller in Nicolai’s current […]