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It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Who You Know Knows

Monday’s Eve’s Salmagundi Club features an insightful straw poll that sheds some light on the myth (or is it?) that it’s incredibly hard to get a book published without having prior connections within the industry.  Does cold querying work in this day and age?  Find out! [audio:ld/ld_311.mp3] Download the show as mp3 file Subscribe in […]

The Myth of Sacred Writing Time

Today’s Eve’s Salmagundi Club looks at “The Myth of Sacred Writing Time” – defined as “the belief that in order to seriously pursue your writing it’s necessary to carve out an IDEAL time, place and set of circumstances in which to write”. [audio:ld/ld_296.mp3] Download the show as mp3 file Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe to our […]