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The Spirit Molecule

“You’re at the top of the rollercoaster:  it’s like that moment before orgasm… you know it’s going to happen, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it – and you go down the other side.  And those five, ten, twelve minutes that you’re gone, all time is suspended.  And you are in a different […]

A Severe, Prolonged Misunderstanding

She’s a scholar of Latin and ancient Greek, and admits to being a recovering stickler.  He’s a lexicographer and dictionary editor; a profession which ranks as one of the sexiest on Earth (that’s what the chat room says, and who are we to disagree?).  Together, Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett host one of the ‘net’s […]

Smaug The Dragon Sues Hobbit

This week we’ll be talking about an agency that has agreed to stop discriminating against older writers; a big company that has dropped attempts at censorship; a TV show that has copyright issues; allegations of censorship at the London Book Fair; whether Twitter might run afoul of UK libel law; a TV show that a […]

I Eat Libraries For Breakfast

Last week’s show featured renowned illustrators / comic book artists Patrice Aggs and John Aggs.  This week, we’re continuing  delve into the world of images as we welcome legendary illustrator-turned-author Ian Beck.  Ian learnt his craft from some of the greatest contemporary British illustrators, including Raymond Briggs and John Vernon Lord, then went on to […]